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Humans of Lake Ridge

Humans of Lake Ridge

Kayla Thompson, Author January 17, 2020

The reason I live in Texas now is because of my dad’s job. My dad has been working in the MLB as a strength and conditioning coach for 17 years. Three with the New York Mets and the remainder with the...

Humans of Lake Ridge

Humans of Lake Ridge

Kayla Thompson, ENN Special Contributor December 13, 2019

Going into my freshman year I didn’t think I would become valedictorian. Everyone else did though, so when I got my transcript I was ecstatic. High school hasn’t always been easy though. There were...

Humans of Lake Ridge

Humans of Lake Ridge

Kayla Thompson, ENN Special Contributor November 19, 2019

Being class president has affected me in a variety of ways. It’s rewarding and exciting to be a part of this amazing team. I really do enjoy it. It’s rewarding because it adds more purpose to my life...

Brianna Megaro credits the social media app TikTok to her online fame.

She is “like” Famous

Makaila Evans, ENN Special Contributor November 18, 2019

70,000 people are watching her every move. Brianna Megaro is TikTok famous. TikTok is a popular social media app that allows people to create videos while dancing or lip-syncing to music. Over time,...

A student is confused about which subject to choose in school.

No College After High School

Osaivbie Uhunmwuangho, ENN Staff April 3, 2019

It is commonly expected that high school graduates attend college or university the fall after their graduation, however, that does not always have to be the case. Often times as students graduate high...

Let’s Start Snap-CHATTING

Let’s Start Snap-CHATTING

Margo Eugenio, ENN Staff March 28, 2019

With today’s media swamped with controversies ranging from gun violence and gun control to climate change and global warming, many opinions fly around regarding the contentious topics. While many said...

Welcome Back to the Vlog!

Welcome Back to the Vlog!

Margo Eugenio, ENN Staff March 1, 2019

"Hello everyone and welcome back to the vlog!" People across the globe live their lives in front of a camera in hopes of becoming ‘YouTube famous.’ If you are of the select few that are lucky enough...

Photo Credit: Megan Wright

Finally, Round Four!

Kennedi Roman, ENN Staff January 24, 2019

People ask, “What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?” or “How do you want people to remember you?” It's safe to say Lexi Taggart, sophomore, and Brandon Gentry, senior, will no longer...

Photo Credit: Bryant Daniels

Half a Hanukkah

Ciara Hendricks, ENN Staff December 6, 2018

The menorah is lit each night and dreidels spun by the children are falling off the tables and to the floor. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrating the burning of the candle for eight days straight....

Billy Williams: A Head Start to New Beginnings

Billy Williams: A Head Start to New Beginnings

May 8, 2018

Decisions shape one’s everyday life. While some of these have short term affects, other choices can change the course of a person’s life. Outcomes are more than often unknown and this may prompt fear...

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