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Mansfield Lake Ridge High School's Online Newspaper

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Mansfield Lake Ridge High School's Online Newspaper

Eagle Nation News

Students and Teachers throughout MISD have had to adjust their methods as MISD recovers from a cyberattack.

No Signal; MISD gets Hacked

Ishrat Madiha September 2, 2022

Mansfield ISD reopened for the school year mid August, welcoming back students, teachers, and staff. Although the summer before was spent in preparation for a smooth year, the district ran into a previously...

Black teens are forced to face stereotypes and unrealistic expectations.

White Washed

Ryley Anthony, ENN Staff April 21, 2022
The Stereotypes and Unrealistic Expectations of Black Teens
Timberview students shared their reaction to the events of October 6th.

Timberview Student Reactions

Lilianne Asokwah, ENN Staff November 2, 2021

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, Timberview High School was faced with a situation we've all grown to fear: a school shooting. The shooting left students in dismay and shock, wondering how this could ever...

After the incident at Timberview all are wondering what lessons we can take away from that horrific day.

Lessons Learned from Timberview

Michael Asokwah, ENN Staff October 28, 2021

On October 6, what began as a seemingly normal school day for Mansfield ISD ended in shock, as a 18-year student of Timberview opened fire in the school, injuring 4. The incident sparked the implementation...

Young women are breaking traditional roles through the help of such programs as STEM.

Females Are The Future of STEM

Ryley Anthony October 11, 2021

A February article from BigRentz entitled “Women in STEM Statistics to Inspire Future Leaders” by Jim Arabia, highlights the statistics in which women are leading in STEM (science, technology, engineering,...

Following the Atlanta, Georgia shooting, protesters rallied in Hing Hay Park in Seattle on March 13th, 2021.

Stop Asian American and Pacific Islander Hate

Christine Vo, ENN Staffer April 1, 2021

Fear within the Asian community has heightened over the past month as new reports of hate and discrimination surface. While overall hate crimes began to decrease by 7 percent from 2019 to 2020, according...

Mamamoo, one of the many artists who were affected by Spotify and Kakao Entertainments dispute, had many of there songs taken off of Spotify this past month.

Battle For The Bands: Spotify Versus Kakao Entertainment

Ciara Hendricks, ENN Staff March 22, 2021

On March 1st, Kakao Entertainment and Spotify faced criticism from many K-pop fans after they came to a seemingly sudden conclusion to remove the songs of over 60 artists under Kakao Entertainment’s...

Discussions arise as political conversations find a place in the learning environment.

Political Discussions in the Classroom

Christine Vo, ENN Staffer February 3, 2021

As history unfolds before the eyes of students and teachers, a single question is raised: “Should we discuss current political events in the classroom?” Lake Ridge Teachers were advised to avoid discussions...

Woman feel a deep-rooted fear for their safety in a male dominated society.

The Reality of Women’s Safety in Today’s Society

Ciara Hendricks, ENN Staff January 15, 2021

Women's activist Elizebeth Cady Stanton once said, “the best protection any woman can have is courage.” Courage is a necessity when up to 76% of women are targeted for physical and/or sexual violence...

On January 6th rioters stormed the United States Capitol leaving one person dead and many others injured.

Broken into the Capitol

Christine Vo, ENN Staffer January 15, 2021

Following months after the initial count, Congress came together on the 6th of January to officially certify the electoral votes for President- Elect Joe Biden. The votes favored Biden causing a backlash...

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