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Purrfect Bonds

Purrfect Bonds

Dawn Reaume, ENN Staff May 15, 2023

In Ancient Egypt, Egyptians knelt down before small creatures, treating them as gods as they smothered them with expensive trinkets and royal treats. In response, they would be granted ‘good luck,’...

Despite a perfect regular season, the top-ranked Lake Ridge Eagles softball team suffered its first loss in the playoffs, which ended their season.

A Disappointing End to Perfection

Brycen Trinh, ENN Staff May 15, 2023

In last year’s trip to the playoffs, the Eagles’ softball team fell just short of becoming the state champions after losing the championship round in a close match against the O’Connor Panthers with...

Baileys Beacon

Bailey’s Beacon

Ishrat Madiha, ENN Staff April 25, 2023

In heeled boots that clack with her every step, Stacy Bailey makes her way into her classroom. As she sits down at her desk, she is already creating art. Her passions reveal themselves before she even...

Moving In

Moving In

Precious Nwokolo, ENN Staff March 8, 2023

An individual's life can change as they move around the world. As people relocate from their place of birth to a new location, they face different experiences. Most times, some challenges can cause this...

Lake Ridge teacher sporting her Kansas City Chiefs gear. Courtesy of ENN Adviser John Sohel

Super Bowl LVII

Brycen Trinh, ENN Staff February 14, 2023

The Kansas City Chiefs have once again become Super Bowl Champions after their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. Throughout the entirety of the game, both teams fought hard and delivered...

Remains of an overgrown fort in Alderney. Overgrown Fort by Tom Colls is licensed under  CC BY 2.0

Look For The Light

Dawn Reaume, ENN Staff February 10, 2023

In a fungus-infected landscape, survivors are clinging onto life with every ounce of their soul. A man, whose heart has been crumbling over the two decades since the apocalypse, searches for reparation...

Dallas Cowboys team in a group huddle near the end zone. Cowboys Huddle by Billy Bain is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dallas Cowboys’ Season Ending

Brycen Trinh, ENN Staff February 10, 2023

After finishing the regular season 12-5 and winning in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys’ season would end just like last season against the San Francisco 49ers. Even though...

An evolution of womens fashion from the early 1900s. Features in the Grace Museum in Abilene, Texas. Photo by Michael Barera is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The Resurgence of Y2K

Gracian Sieni, ENN Staff January 20, 2023

 Trade in Nike tech for Juicy Couture; t-shirts for crop tops, because Y2k fashion is making a severe comeback. In recent years, 2000s fashion has been making its rounds back on the clothing scene, and...

Boys Basketball Head Coach Wilson (middle) is recognized for his 200th win by Football Head Coach Kirk Thor (left) and Principal Ashley Alloway (right) during the DeSoto game. Courtesy of Tyler Quisenberry (ENN Staff).

200th Win for Basketball Head Coach Wilson

Brycen Trinh, ENN Staff January 20, 2023

Over the holiday break, the Lake Ridge Basketball team’s win over the Crowley Eagles marked Coach Wilson’s 200th career win at Lake Ridge High School as the head coach. The game ended with the Eagles...

Illustration of human head with a brain; using multiple different colors. Artificial General Intelligence Illustration by David S. Soriano is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Artificially Unknown

Dawn Reaume, ENN Staff January 20, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI, has seemed to lie on the edge of fantasy and reality for quite some time. It is defined as the simulation of human intelligence by machines and specific computer...

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