Abigail Lowry: The Freshman, Writer, and Dreamer


Abigail Lowry has her life planned out, despite still being a freshman.

Alexa Reyna, ENN Staff

A freshman, writer, and dreamer. Abigail Lowry is a dedicated student in hopes of graduating both high school and college in an effort to make a difference in her life and in the world. She is a bright and happy soul that works hard everyday in order to fulfill her dreams and make sure everyday is a great day.

Lowry dedicates her free time with her church, family, and favorite hobbies in her everyday life. She enjoys playing the piano and is currently learning more and more songs to increase her inner Beethoven skills. Lowry also enjoys the great outdoors and also relaxing with her loved ones when she can.

“I have a very wide range of hobbies. I love playing piano; expanding that ability a little bit right now. I also love going outside- taking bike rides and walks. I love just relaxing, drawing, playing Minecraft occasionally,” said Lowry.

Lowry is all about spending time with her family. Her family means more to her than they know and she is grateful to have many fun memories with them. This includes her family vacations from her childhood. Lowry and her entire family would travel to places like Idaho, California, and Wyoming to spend quality time with one another. 

“My favorite childhood memory was probably going on family vacations. We went to, the whole family, Island Park in Idaho, staying at a big cabin with all the cousins, and going to different places like Yellowstone National Park, canoeing down a river, or going to a rodeo. Just enjoying those moments with my cousins while we were still young,” said Lowry. 

Lowry recalls her favorite birthday celebration being her eighth birthday, travelling all the way to Anaheim, California to visit the happiest place on earth. She remembers the magical feeling setting foot into the park for the very first time and says it’s a memory that has a very special place in her heart.

“I didn’t really get gifts, instead I went to Disney World, it was my eighth birthday and I loved it,” said Lowry.

Lowry is looking towards the future with open arms. She hopes to accomplish many goals while she is still in high school. Including graduating, maintaining good grades, and finding out her life’s greatest passion before heading off to college. As of right now, Lowry is still deciding between a career in nursing or interior design.

“I think for me, right now, I am just setting myself up for success for college because the colleges that I want to go to even though they are pretty good schools, they’re not the hardest to get into but they’re not the easiest to get into, so I’m just trying to set myself up for a career that I want to have and then also just finding what I truly love. I’m currently a freshman and I’m still deciding between nursing and interior design, which are completely different things so I’m just trying to find that balance,” said Lowry.

Even though Lowry doesn’t know what the future holds for her, she hopes it’s all the success and happiness she could ever want. She is excited about staying in school, getting a degree, and possibly starting a family one day. 

“My college goals would probably be staying in college, graduating, but family is also very important to me. I want to get married and if I have a kid by the time I graduate college then I have a kid. I don’t know exactly what the future brings, I’m not saying anything is out of the picture. I just don’t know, but I know I want to graduate,” said Lowry.

Lowry goes on to say she also sees herself in the business world that truly starts her career while also maintaining the dream family life she’s always wanted.

“I see myself probably, even though I want nursing, in a business of some sort. Once again I keep talking about nursing, I would probably get that and then do a business minor or double major, I don’t know. I see myself having that jump start in my career and then having a family. Those are two important things for me,” said Lowry.

Despite being only a freshman in high school, Lowry already has big dreams for her future, defining her success through academic completion and familial orientation.