Alexa Reyna: a remarkable student on the ENN staff


Alexa Reyna, junior, plans to take on the role of Editor-in-Chief for ENN in the upcoming 2021-22 school year.

As this school year comes to an end, students begin to look back and reflect on the successes, and lack thereof, from the year. Alexa Reyna, junior, prepares for her senior year in ENN, as she will be Editor-in-Chief for the newspaper program.

Reyna has developed many skills and learned important lessons throughout this year. As she develops into her own person throughout her high school career, she has learned an important lesson that will be beneficial to her in her work, school and personal lives.

“The biggest lesson that I’ve learned this year is time management. I’m a junior this year, I’ll be graduating in a year. Of course, the workload for junior year is a bit rigorous. Sometimes it can be a lot, and it is all about managing your time wisely. It’s all about not procrastinating because procrastinating is really bad. You can get into so much [trouble] and it can be a lot so as you find that balance and that time management between work and your personal life then it will be okay,” Reyna said.

Several positive experiences have occurred in Reyna’s life during the last year. Through the good and bad times, she has been able to use her leadership skills to help others along a rough year.

“The best experience I’ve had this year was being a leader and a role model to younger kids, especially in class. Knowing that I am helping and knowing that the staff can rely on me is good. And, in the long run, you learn from experiences from someone who is older than you, so being an example and role model is the greatest experience for me,” Reyna stated. 

While her amazing leadership experience in newspaper has been something unique to her, her worst experience is something everyone in the country is struggling with as well.

“I guess one of the worst experiences is definitely this whole virus thing. I haven’t been able to hang out with my friends at all for a very long time, and I miss them. Sometimes, the class would hang out outside of class and would go to Target and mess around, or Sonic and get some food, or we’d go to the mall or Starbucks, we’d have fun outside of class. I’d also hang around family, friends, and my other friend groups that I’ve had since elementary and middle school. So, I guess that is what the bad experience would be,” Reyna said. 

Reyna’s support group is there for her, for the little and small things, and have been able to support her when she needs to be calmed and reassured of things. 

“I feel like whenever I need something or misunderstood something, I can always count on my friends or text them when I need something. They always offer the best advice and help me stay humble in a way and keep me grounded and true to who I am, making sure I don’t lose my mind and impact me and I hope I made the same impact on them,” Reyna stated.

Reyna’s love for newspaper writing has greatly impacted her year, and helped her become a more outspoken person, and help her decide what she wants to do in her future. 

“Believe it or not, newspaper is what I want to do with my life. I want to be a Lois-Lane-type-of-reporter; I want to write for a big newspaper company or a magazine company. But, if all else fails I want to be a teacher. I’ve always loved learning and teaching younger kids. But the newspaper has changed me for the better, I am definitely a bit more open. I’m still a little introverted, but if I have to be extroverted, I can be without sweating and freaking out. It has increased my ability as a writer. I can write essays now in English and I understand them because I write all the time, so it has definitely helped, and I appreciate Coach Sohel, Margo Eugenio, and everybody else who helped me along the way,” Reyna said.

As this year wraps up, Reyna has been able to reflect on her journey and how that has impacted her future and plans for the upcoming school year.