From a Baby to Business

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Ethan Vu, ENN Staff

Throughout the process of maturing, everyone goes through the stages of growth which includes their childhood, adulthood, and their elderly life. During each stage of life, the individual can be seen going through some immense changes whether it be through physical growth, personality, or social group, but not all these transitions go as smoothly as it sounds. As children mature into grown adults, most high school students have to deal with the issues that arise during this awkward transition into adulthood.

As children transition from middle school to high school, there’s a change for most students which can be seen through maturing lessons faster and mental growth. For some students, the younger grades can be seen as “childish” and “immature”, but as they progress through their high school career, many students get more mature and responsible when it comes to academics and their work ethic. According to Madison Brown, sophomore, she believes she has noticed this transition early on and will continue these changes throughout high school.

“I have noticed that I have matured throughout the years. I now take responsibility for and accept the consequences of my actions. I also try not to make the same mistakes twice. [I noticed,] my friends have also matured. As a group we are more focused on our future. We set realistic goals and encourage one another to work to reach those goals,” Brown said.

As students mature, outsiders looking in notice these differences as well. Whether it be through a change in clothing style to the way a student acts, there is always that one person who seems to notice these changes the most-parents. According to Donnica Wilson, Algebra teacher, she believes to have seen these changes as her children have matured in their work ethic and academic career as well.

“It’s been different for each of my children. I have the responsible child who I don’t have to say anything to, they just stick with it and I just say one thing and they’re back on track. Then I have another [child], who’s a senior this year, who I’m constantly reminding, get on task for the first two years but now that he’s a senior, he has the idea that I really don’t have to say anything to him because he’s ready to graduate and he’s been on point about getting his grades in and his behavior is good,” Wilson stated.

With all these changes being viewed from different points of view, there will come that time where students will “leave the nest” and most likely journey on to college. Although students mature throughout their years of high school, there will be that turning point where they will have to become an adult and move on from high school. According to Lauren Wren, junior, she believes her parents are accepting of this fact and will support her as she ventures in beyond high school.

“I can tell my parents want me to stay at home and don’t want me to grow up but they also want me to follow my dreams and they won’t get in the way of that,” Wren stated.

With these changes in high school and students maturing, not only will they be treated as adults, but they will be growing into one as well. Regardless of a student’s grade, they must be prepared to face challenges to come because that is reality.