Family and Football

Ciara Hendricks , ENN Staff

Thanksgiving is a time associated with family, turkey and…football?! Many families use sports as a way to bond during family gatherings, by watching it or even playing a pick up game in the backyard. For many, the holiday tradition must include watching the Dallas Cowboys who have been Thanksgiving regulars since 1966.

Austin Fortenberry, senior, has a love for football as well as his family. It plays a big role during Thanksgiving, whether it be sitting down to enjoy a game or actually going out and playing together.

“It gives us some nice entertainment to watch, since I have a big football family. Depending on who is playing, my family will sit down and be really intrigued in the game. My family and a few other families do something called a turkey bowl, where we all play a giant football game early in the morning. I always look forward to that,” stated Fortenberry.

Similarly, sophomore Jordan Allen associates football to family during the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a tradition that plays a large role within both his immediate family and his extended family.

“I only have brothers, so watching the football game that is on at Thanksgiving is a big tradition that we do. I think that bringing all my family together that I haven’t seen in years is really cool. I think family is a big thing for me on Thanksgiving. It brings a competition aspect in my household,” said Allen.

Allen also enjoys the playful rivalry within his family that spices the holiday up, especially a certain memory of his from a few years back.

“A couple years ago the Cowboys played the Eagles and that was a big game, and it was interesting. I have family in Dallas and some family up north so when we met together, it definitely brought that competition aspect,” continued Allen.

Linda Rink, English teacher, and her family are focused on football the entire Thanksgiving break. Her husband is a football coach in Cedar Hill and her son a football player himself.

“Football is a huge part of our family. Over Thanksgiving Break, if my husband is still in the playoffs, then he is gone most of the time at practice. The kids and I will go up after practice and have lunch with him during the week,” said Rink

For Rink, Thanksgiving day allows her to spend that Thursday with her family as well as her husband’s family. Even then, while the family eats home-cooked meals together, they watch the game; a bonding experience for them.

“For Thanksgiving day we will meet at my mother’s house where everyone brings different dishes. I typically bring mashed potatoes, and green beans, and my husbands family usually comes as well. We all eat and watch whatever game is on, typically it’s the Cowboys and my son tries to teach me about the game while we are watching it. My daughter even likes it too, she’s picking it up,” continued Rink.

This next week is a Holiday commonly celebrating thankfulness and family, and for many that includes football. The sport has become a huge part of the Thanksgiving traditions and for many has been easily integrated into the holiday break for the whole family to enjoy together.