Getting Your Zzz’s


Carly Garcia

Students have found new ways to keep themselves entertained while catching a few Zzz’s at school.

Carly Garcia , ENN Staff

Try not to get caught sleeping in class, the “lrhs.slumped” instagram sleeping account that was made for the school has been going around with pictures of students and staff asleep during the school day.

The sleeping account is run by 3 people, two are females and 1 male. The account started posting pictures on November 29th with the caption “victim 1.” The account then started making its way around the school and gained followers quickly. One of the account holders, junior, Iyanna Callhan, was surprised at how quickly people started to follow them. 

“Once we hit 1,000 followers we did a face reveal and I got like 30 new followers on my main account. We started off with like 15, or 20 followers and now we have 1,053 and it makes us feel cool I guess because we didn’t really think it was going to blow up that much being that we were doing it as a joke until we got like 500 followers in a day.”

People around the school have been posted in multiple different scenarios like during band class, core classes, and bus rides. The way the account works is someone will send in a picture to the account and the users will save the pictures and then post it with a caption. Some students put each other on the account as a joke and to be funny among one another. This has given some kids the idea that when they see someone asleep they have to take a picture and send it in. Sophomore, Sydnei Pena, feels as if people have noticed her after being put on the account.

“I didn’t really care, I thought it was funny, I was just chilling. I do feel like some people have recognized me more but I don’t really need or want clout,” said Pena.

However some people have tried to avoid being put on the account by putting themselves on the account before anyone else can. Some students don’t really care about the account or the existence of it and would much rather them not being put on the account. The account put a warning sign with their bio saying “DM IF YOU WANNA BE TAKEN OFF” letting people know that if they do not want to be on the account all they have to do is text them letting them know that they want to be taken off. Junior, Alyssa McEwan, finds the account unreasonable and also humorous due to the amount of people that are scared to make the account.

“I think it’s funny and useless at the same time because of the amount of people who were scared they would get put on it,” said McEwan.

Students aren’t the only ones who know about the account, teachers do as well. Some teachers don’t understand the point of the account and think it is weird or question what it’s about and why it was made. Social Studies teacher, Heather Willson, feels there can be two perspectives to a student’s feelings.

“There’s two points of looking at these pictures. One it’s light hearted, it’s not actually attacking anyone. Everyone sleeps everyone shares in this. On the other hand people can feel like they’re being attacked or bullied or made fun of and that is not the intent,” said Willson.

Numerous students around the school have been put on the account and some find the post captions funny. The users make silly captions on the post such as “pj day got us all sleepy” on a picture of a boy who was sleeping on the floor wearing pajamas. Junior, Jacob Mai, thinks the account captions are a good way to get a laugh out of a bad picture.

“The captions are my favorite part of the account, you know so many people are on the account and with some of the pictures not being so good the captions make you laugh. There was a girl that had snacks next to her but she was sleeping and the caption was like ‘take her food?’ and that’s by far my favorite one,” said Mai.

While most students are preparing for finals, a few may be looking for some new found fame all while simply taking a nap.