The Fate of Spring Sports During Covid-19


Summer Thipsipasom

As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, the fate of spring sports remains a question for some.

Abigail Lowry, ENN Staff

COVID-19 has impacted many people, especially students who are in school. According to a local news article, published November 10, Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley made a ruling that youth sports should be put on “time out” during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Covid-19 cases continue to grow, sports and close contact activities might be put on pause until there is more control on the pandemic.

Athletics are considerably important to the community. Track coach, Tracy Lewis, explains that athletics is key for families, and that it will not get taken away from the community.

“Sports won’t be cut from schools. They are too important to a lot of parents, to a lot of schools, and a lot of parents want their kids to be seen, and the kids want that too. I think a lot of people are willing to fight that ruling to cut athletics out of the schedule,” said Lewis. 

Students would be greatly affected by possible cuts from the athletic programs. Tennis Coach, Ariel Bueno, believes that students can be hurt, mentally and physically, by getting rid of sports, and this can show in their work ethic.

“The vast majority of students need an extracurricular activity to act as a factor to motivate students to keep their grades up. It motivates students to become something greater. If they take it away, it will be bad for them. To fix the problems, they can increase the number of coaches or limit the number of athletes per class period, that way they can stay safe and spaced,” Bueno stated.

Coaches jobs will also be affected if sports go away. Lewis believes that there will be cuts to the coaches jobs and there is a chance that other things could arise from a cut to athletics.

“You take sports away and there are a lot of problems for coaches. We get paid extra for coaching. If the opportunity is taken away, there will be decreases across the board. That’s the biggest thing; there would maybe be some slight repercussions,” stated Lewis. 

Spending a few weeks away from school may help the COVID-19 cases from spiking even further. Football coach, Isaiah Allen, believes that as we leave for the semester holiday that things might become safer, making it better for athletes and coaches.

“I think, especially here at Lake Ridge, we go above and beyond to keep our athletes safe. I can see a time where we should probably take a break from everything to let the cases drop, but hopefully Christmas break and having a few weeks away from school will do the trick,” said Allen. 

School boards can fix the possible problems that could arise from crowding in school. Bueno believes that there is a way to add people and spread people, and it is up to the school boards whether or not they change that.

“The COVID-19 cases could possibly increase. However, if the school boards allow it, they can add coaches to the staff and space out student athletes, among the new ones and the regulars. As long as we maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene habits, there we will not have to worry about that to begin with,” stated Bueno. 

There are bigger fears for students if athletics go away. Allen admits that if sports are taken away, the senior season is amongst the greatest impacted.

“The biggest fear coaches face is not getting to impact the lives of the student-athletes that we coach.  Taking months away from the game last spring was a huge deal, we did not have spring football which is where most seniors are recruited, athletes couldn’t lift weights and work out together, and they were not around their teammates and coaches, which could lead to many athletes walking away from sports all together,” Allen said. 

There has been a lot that is going on with COVID-19, from new regulations to lockdowns. We hope that athletics is not affected by it, and the students and coaches can continue safely with these programs.