A Turning Point in America: The Biden Presidency


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Following Biden’s inauguration, people are hopeful for a renewed sense of unity within the country.

Abigail Lowry, ENN Staff

America is the modern world’s first developed form of democracy. As the country has grown over the last 245 years, America has housed many events that have shaped the country into what it is today, like World War I and II, or the Civil Rights Movement. Citizens expect the nation’s government to be one of the most promising parts of the country, and the changes that the nation goes through every four years, with an election and inauguration, shapes that promise.

Former President Donald Trump had an immense impact on the way America was viewed on a global scale, arguably for better or for worse. Trump’s presidency caused significant conversations due to the controversy he sparked, leaving office with a 29 percent approval rating, according to Pew Research Center, an organization dedicated to various polling and census collection within America.. The notably low approval rating begs the question of what exactly Trump did, while in office, worthy of praise and notoriety. Sophomore, Emma Knutson, feels that Mr. Trump created a hopeful economy, even during these unprecedented times, and was successful due to his emphasis on a succeeding economy.

¨Right off the bat, Trump did a lot for our economy. He is one of the most successful businessmen, and understood the importance of a strong economy. He was able to create and save millions of jobs, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. He shut down the economy as quickly as he could, in order to preserve those jobs. I feel like we rebounded very quickly. He has been successful in making sure our economy is at its highest possible point. It was at a low in 2016, and he changed it so now, it is one of the most profitable and successful economies on the planet, regardless of a pandemic,¨ said Knutson.

We must respect the office of The President of the United States, regardless of how the political beliefs align with various audiences. Social studies teacher, Ashley Hicks, believes that it is important to respect the POTUS because it is something that is bigger than the President himself.

¨The whole purpose of respecting the president, whether it is Trump or Biden, is because it isn’t about the President himself. It is about the actual office of the President. A certain level of respect should be given to whomever is in charge of the United States because they are the one in charge, they do what feels right to them, and they hope it makes everyone happy. Not everyone can say that they truly feel right about every belief a president has, but we trust that they will make the right decisions,¨ stated Hicks.

The recent election highlighted a significant division between the American peoples and the political spectrum. Despite the division, individuals remain hopeful that Biden’s presidency will work to unite the country and bring about positive change, with regards to the ongoing pandemic. Junior, Jazmin Mendez, feels that with Biden as the current president, a deeper understanding of his term needs to occur across the nation. 

¨We, as a country, need to learn to go with the flow. There are a lot of people that are not okay with Biden as president. On the contrary, millions of people feel that Joe Biden as president is a good thing. There is not anything people can do to change what has been done. Americans need to understand that things are not always going to go their way, and they need to be submissive and understanding of that, especially now that Biden has been president for a couple of days now,¨ stated Mendez.

Women in authority help us progress as a nation, offering a more diverse representation that highlights more of the population. Oakland, California native, Kamala Harris, became the first female and POC Vice President that the nation has had in its 245 year history. A former Senator, she creates a hope for young girls and women, across the country and across the world, that they are able to be something bigger and better. Harris notes that her prominent role in American Federal politics will, hopefully, inspire younger generations to continue on her same journey.

¨While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last. Because every little girl, watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities. And to the children of our country, regardless of your gender, our country has sent you have a clear message: dream with ambition, lead with conviction, and see yourselves in a way that others may not simply because they’ve never seen it before,¨ Harris stated during her victory celebration with President Joe Biden. 

As we move forward in this new Biden era, we can take what we learned in the past years, and hope that Biden and Harris keep the American dream alive. Without a firm foundation, that dream would surely die.