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Making an Entrance: Robert Viray-Edwards

Making an Entrance: Robert Viray-Edwards

Christine Vo, ENN Staff May 13, 2021

Strutting in the doors of the classroom, Robert Viray-Edwards makes his appearance known each morning. Doors swinging open, foot through the door, finishing off with a twirl, Viray-Edwards has grown to...

Malaysian Womens March on March 10th for equality and representations.

How We Intersect

Christine Vo, ENN Staff April 16, 2021

Intersectionality bridges the differences between minority groups creating new perspectives for each individual. Those of multiple groups are given unique perspectives to understanding other minority issues....

Following the Atlanta, Georgia shooting, protesters rallied in Hing Hay Park in Seattle on March 13th, 2021.

Stop Asian American and Pacific Islander Hate

Christine Vo, ENN Staff April 1, 2021

Fear within the Asian community has heightened over the past month as new reports of hate and discrimination surface. While overall hate crimes began to decrease by 7 percent from 2019 to 2020, according...

Discussions arise as political conversations find a place in the learning environment.

Political Discussions in the Classroom

Christine Vo, ENN Staff February 3, 2021

As history unfolds before the eyes of students and teachers, a single question is raised: “Should we discuss current political events in the classroom?” Lake Ridge Teachers were advised to avoid discussions...

Owen OConner, preforms alongside JV Eagle Elite dancers in the homecoming pep-rally drive through.

Breaking It Down To Show It Out

Christine Vo, ENN Staff February 3, 2021

Complete uniformity throughout the team with sparkling attire, one member stands out from the rest. Junior, Owen O’Conner is the only male member among the many female dancers.  On Thursday, October...

On January 6th rioters stormed the United States Capitol leaving one person dead and many others injured.

Broken into the Capitol

Christine Vo, ENN Staff January 15, 2021

Following months after the initial count, Congress came together on the 6th of January to officially certify the electoral votes for President- Elect Joe Biden. The votes favored Biden causing a backlash...

Neva Khan embraces her culture as she celebrates with her family.

Diversity at Lake Ridge

Christine Vo, ENN Staff December 15, 2020

Through the halls of Lake Ridge, the face of students and staff members represent various cultures and stories. As diversity grows in high schools,  introducing diverse communities and different perspectives...

Zainab Odunewu celebrates alongside her family at their annual Eid al-Fitr feast.

How We Celebrate

Christine Vo, ENN Staff December 12, 2020

As winter break approaches, celebrations for the winter season ring all around the school. But not every student finds a place in the knowingly Christian Christmas holiday. Many students find their own...

Lake Ridge hosted a Veterans Day event to honor those who have served in the military.

Veterans Day Celebrations

Christine Vo, ENN Staff November 12, 2020

On Wednesday, November 11th, Lake Ridge celebrated Veterans Day by honoring all who served with a Veteran's Day Breakfast. Whether they are a teacher, parent, or guardian this event is an opportunity to...

Voters will soon turn to the polls to elect a president.

Increasing Hostility Towards Voters

Christine Vo, ENN Staff November 2, 2020

Since the beginning of the election season, candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump have shifted the political climate. Supporters have found themselves in a tough position when discussing their beliefs...

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