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Gio Reed and Her Walk With Christ

Gio Reed and Her Walk With Christ

Brooke-Lynn Riser, ENN Staff May 6, 2024

Giovanni Reed is a young woman who decided to start building her relationship with Christ at the age of seven. She has had many ups and downs throughout her journey. Christianity has many major and basic...

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From Battlefield to Classroom

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff May 6, 2024

Many military veterans are going from serving in the armed forces to serving their community again by becoming high school teachers. Their journey not only represents a change in career choices but it...

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Construction Overload

Amber Abrego, ENN Staff February 12, 2024

Construction, darkness, and the sound of cars are all students hear and see as they make their journey to school and home. They walk with caution and fear down the sidewalks and streets. There is a need...

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A New Act

Rebecca Rios, ENN Staff January 31, 2024

Last semester, theater teachers Cara Cook and Jill Baker took a final bow on Lake Ridge stages. They made the tough decision to leave the school, allowing new teachers Holly Henao and Sharon Hallmark,...

Singing To State

Singing To State

Rebecca Rios, ENN Staff December 14, 2023

Choir has always pushed students to be the best they can be and accomplish their goals, inspiring many to try out for the all-state choir. TMEA, the Texas Music Educators Association, sets up the auditions...

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Serving the Season

Madison Sanders, ENN Staff December 13, 2023

The tennis team has accomplished many things this school year, especially in recent months.    The members of the team practice each day, and some even take lessons outside of school to prepare for...

Quarterbacks Injuries: When The Unexpected Happens

Quarterbacks Injuries: When The Unexpected Happens

Precious Nwokolo, ENN Staff November 29, 2023

Expecting to have a better season than the previous one, the coaches and players strive for excellence during their summer practices. However, as the football season began and reached the end, some unfortunate...

Eagle Elite team; courtesy of Photo Journalism.

Dancing with the Stars

Rebecca Rios, ENN Staff November 29, 2023

The Eagle Elite are an involved dance team of the community, who perform at football games, basketball games, and pep rallies. With all the hard work comes a lot of excitement as they partake in fun events...

Image of where mirrors used to be in the bathrooms.

Mystery of the Missing Mirrors

Madison Sanders, ENN Staff November 27, 2023

Recently, changes have been made to the restrooms. A large portion of the student body was unhappy about the removal of mirrors from the bathrooms, as they thought it was unfair. Many students felt...

The Eagle Marching Band performed its show, Both Sides of the Rainbow, at the Area contest.

Band One Spot Away From Area Finals

Megan Riddle, ENN Staff October 25, 2023

The Lake Ridge Marching Band took the field in Bedford on October 21 for the UIL Area B Marching Contest. 35 bands competed, and the Eagles placed 13th in prelims, being just one place away from making...

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