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Gio Reed and Her Walk With Christ


Giovanni Reed is a young woman who decided to start building her relationship with Christ at the age of seven. She has had many ups and downs throughout her journey. Christianity has many major and basic teachings, including: God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, prayer, grace and community. These are the 7 basics of Christianity. Major teachings of Christianity include belief in God, Jesus Christ as the son of God, and the Holy Spirit.

“I decided to start my journey when I was seven, and I got baptized,” said Reed. “Ever since then, I’ve been on track with God but I was still living a lukewarm lifestyle. I would use profanity, and listen to secular music, so in July of 2023, I decided to regain my life to Christ and be reborn.”

When Reed realized she wasn’t fully living her life through Christ, she changed so she could become a better person. It wasn’t an easy journey, because Reed had many things that were starting to contradict what she practiced. Throughout her journey, Reed recalls how she started to change her bad habits and live life through God’s teachings. She believes Christ has helped her through her most difficult moments.

“I was struggling with depression back then, I was always sad and in a bad mood,” said Reed. “Usually I’m a happy person but I was going through so much back then, so I cried out to God and asked him to help me change my life.”

Although her journey is going well and she hasn’t had any issues or challenges, the beginning wasn’t as easy for her. As she started to realize her personal flaws, she realized that she needed to change. self Reflection is a very hard thing to do, but Reed believes that Christ has helped her in understanding herself better. Reed said that her habits started to contradict the practices she wanted to follow so she started to self-reflect on how she could be better for herself and Christ.

“The benefits that have come from me dropping all secular music and no longer using profanity have really helped me mentally,” said Reed. “I’ve been more happy with life and myself, I’ve been at peace with myself, and I’m no longer angry and depressed. He’s even helped me meet other Christian’s and I was able to find more people like me.”

Having a relationship with God was not the only thing Reed wanted to do, she also wanted to help others and build up her community through her Church. Reed has decided to do this because she believes that Christ isn’t only about helping yourself become a better person, but also helping those around you. Through this, Reed believes she has learned how to become a better Christian.

“Recently me and a close friend, Hannah Locks, have been going to churches trying to get volunteer hours and help out our community,” said Reed. “It’s been more difficult than I expected but honestly I truly believe that it’s worth it.”

Some people don’t know where to start, or how to start their journey, Reed said she was one of these people at one point. To help her throughout her journey, Reed recalls how her friend Hannah Locks, a junior, was always there to keep her motivated.

“Hannah was one of the people who helped me along the way, she always reminded me to stay faithful in what I believed in and it was so much help,” said Reed

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