Eagle Nation News

Virtual Pep Rally

September 24, 2020

We can't go to the RALLY, so we bring the PEP to you!

Broadcast September 24th

September 24, 2020

Today on ENN, Abi Akharoh updates you on student parking, and also gives Chipotle fans some good news.

Broadcast September 23rd.

September 23, 2020

Today on ENN Lawryn Radford gives college football fans some good news, and also fills us in on picture day!

ENNSports Broadcast

September 18, 2020

Today Caden Cox tells us about how Lake Ridge football and volleyball are preparing for their games and also gets us caught up on the NBA playoffs.

ENNtertainment Broadcast March 6th

March 6, 2020

Today on ENNtertainment William Bonilla and Abi Akharoh update you on the Proud Family reboot, tell you about Lady Gaga's new Bad Romance, get you laughing with a Dad joke, and finish with their Tik Tok video of the week.

Eagle Media Camp

March 4, 2020

Future Journalists from Danny Jones visited Lake Ridge during the Eagle Media Camp.

Broadcast March 4th

March 4, 2020

Today on ENN Monte Thompson and Jaida Joyner review how the Track team did at their last meet, and also show you what Justin Bieber has been up to lately.

ENNSports Broadcast February 28th

February 28, 2020

Today on ENNSports Caden and Bailee kick it with the soccer team, step up to the plate with the baseball and softball teams, and also give you the sports bloopers of the week.

ENNtech Broadcast February 27th

February 27, 2020

Today on ENNtech, Rodrigo and Alex inform us about the upcoming Samsung smart flip phones, tell us how two unlikely gaming communities united, and show us how powerful the Xbox series X really is.

ENNtertainment Broadcast February 21st

February 21, 2020

Today on ENNtertainment, we review the Valentine's Day Dance, tell you weird things you can do with hot Cheetos, preview To All the Boys I've Ever Loved, and get in our Dad Joke of the Week.

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