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Serving the Season

Courtesy of ENN Staff.

The tennis team has accomplished many things this school year, especially in recent months.   

The members of the team practice each day, and some even take lessons outside of school to prepare for the season. Players Camila Cruz and Eric Huang practice consistently.

“I took lessons over the summer and I play every day for three hours a day,” said Huang.

Similar to Huang, Cruz took lessons and practiced with her friends in her spare time. 

“I take lessons outside of school and then I’ll go home with friends just to get time hitting in together,” said Cruz.

All the practice that was put in paid off at the end of the day because tennis as a whole ended up as district runners-up. Despite the fact that they ended up as runners-up instead of first place, they were not disappointed. Instead, they were proud of their achievements. It was a great feeling for Huang.

“It feels pretty good, just making a name for ourselves feels pretty good,” said Huang. 

In the same way that Huang did not feel disappointed, player Roman Vu did not either.

“It’s my first year here, I wasn’t really disappointed, I was actually excited,” said Vu.

Among the team achievements this season, there were two girls who achieved the title of undefeated: Camila Cruz and Karlie Canon. Cruz has been aiming for undefeated for as long as she can remember. 

“I was excited and it was something I was hoping I would be able to do this year,” said Cruz.

Throughout this entire season, these girls have been working extremely hard and have overcome all of the challenges they have faced to become undefeated. Canon had her own share of challenges when it came to becoming undefeated during this season.

“It was a lot of  mental battle on the courts and stuff and just worrying about helping out your team,” said Canon. 

In order to overcome these challenges, Cruz had to rely on her team.

“I would say I played doubles most of the season. So I would say working with your partner and getting to know them. So y’all are able to work together to win,” said Cruz.

There is a long history between the two girls who, in addition to being partners for doubles, have a close friendship. 

“We’ve known each other since seventh grade and we played doubles a little bit in seventh grade together, so we just thought it would be fun to continue that,” said Canon. 

In the end, these two girls have won titles that will give them a wide variety of opportunities in the future. This might move them up in the ranks.

“It gives me a better shot at being on varsity for next season, and it also just boosts my confidence,” said Canon.

At the end of the day, the tennis team is going to on the route to more success and excellence due to all of the accomplishments they made in just these past few months.

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Madison Sanders
Madison Sanders, ENN Staff