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The Impact of Poverty in Education

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff March 25, 2024

Education in the U.S has always been an important part of  children's development, whether it’s social, emotional, or physical. From the ages of four to eighteen, children are given the opportunity...

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More than just a cup

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff February 12, 2024

In a world full of different insulated cups, Stanley Tumbler cup has been increasing in popularity, influence, and design. First made by William Stanley Jr., who created the Stanley flask in 1913. According...

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The Power of Representation

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff February 12, 2024

As children grow up, it’s important to have representation that looks like them in movies and TV shows, especially for young black girls. Seeing someone on screen who looks like them with the same complexion,...

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The Day of the Deals

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff November 29, 2023

In the U.S, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that many people view as the biggest shopping day of the year, whether it's online or in-person. Due to the discounts and deals in stores, many people...

The Teaching Journey of a Farmer

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff November 9, 2023

Becoming a teacher, making his own mushroom farm, and going back to teaching is a small part of Aquatic Science teacher, Adam Cohen's, journey of pursuing his passion for sea creatures. Cohen was born...

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What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff October 23, 2023

People may not notice but pop culture has a huge effect on Halloween costumes, such as Barbie, Oppenheimer, Mean Girls and Spider-Man. Choosing and dressing up for Halloween is a tradition that has been...

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Class Ranks; Do They Matter?

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff September 15, 2023

Some students spend their Junior year studying for the SAT test, taking as many AP classes as they can, and working hard to overall improve their GPA and class rank. Many people say that their junior year...

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First Generation Grad!

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff May 15, 2023

In the U.S there are 86 percent of students who graduate highschool, and 49 percent who enroll in college. Among the 86 percent, 31 percent of those students are first generation.  According to the...

The Cactus Classroom

The Cactus Classroom

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff May 15, 2023

Jennifer Swegler, Ap World History teacher, had been teaching for 14 years when she started in August of 2009. In her Ap class at Lake Ridge she has a class theme that states ‘In this class we stick...

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Every Body Is A Bikini Body

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff April 10, 2023

Typically, when people think of a bikini body they might think of a slim body wearing revealing two-pieces. According to Perrernindy.com, all women should wear swimwear that makes them feel confident and...

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