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Mansfield Lake Ridge High School's Online Newspaper

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Mansfield Lake Ridge High School's Online Newspaper

Eagle Nation News

Lake Ridge will be starting a program to help students who are going through emotional challenges.

Hope for Lake Ridge

Lilianne Asokwah, ENN Staff May 3, 2022

Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer suicide prevention club founded by Dr. Gregory A. Hundall, a high school principal from Provo, Utah. He decided to start this organization after having to identify a student...

Black teens are forced to face stereotypes and unrealistic expectations.

White Washed

Ryley Anthony, ENN Staff April 21, 2022
The Stereotypes and Unrealistic Expectations of Black Teens
From the Eiffel Tower to the Rodeo

From the Eiffel Tower to the Rodeo

Robert Viray-Edwards, ENN Staff April 8, 2022

France: One of the most popular countries around the world and home to the famous Eiffel Tower and other tourist attractions such as the Louvre and French cuisines like Baguette au fromage. Also home to...

Climate change affects more than the environment, it also can damage parts of a society.

Climate Change and Its Effects On Our Daily Lives

Lilianne Asokwah, ENN Staff March 29, 2022

Climate change refers to the long-term weather impacts of dangerous human activities, such as burning fossil fuels. These long term impacts can be shown through extreme weather changes and strange patterns,...

Black Friday: Deal or No Deal?

Black Friday: Deal or No Deal?

Carly Garcia, ENN Staff November 26, 2021

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, a day where people go out and get good deals at stores. It's an all day event, where some people go out and wait in long lines or choose to do their shopping...

Timberview students shared their reaction to the events of October 6th.

Timberview Student Reactions

Lilianne Asokwah, ENN Staff November 2, 2021

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, Timberview High School was faced with a situation we've all grown to fear: a school shooting. The shooting left students in dismay and shock, wondering how this could ever...

Young women are breaking traditional roles through the help of such programs as STEM.

Females Are The Future of STEM

Ryley Anthony October 11, 2021

A February article from BigRentz entitled “Women in STEM Statistics to Inspire Future Leaders” by Jim Arabia, highlights the statistics in which women are leading in STEM (science, technology, engineering,...

Freeman the Foodie

Freeman the Foodie

Madi Madiha May 17, 2021

Pieces of buttery, juicy, garlic steak sit on a plate in front of junior Madison Freeman as she takes in its hearty aroma. Beside that sits a tall drink and many, many napkins because Freeman is not afraid...

Making an Entrance: Robert Viray-Edwards

Making an Entrance: Robert Viray-Edwards

Christine Vo, ENN Staffer May 13, 2021

Strutting in the doors of the classroom, Robert Viray-Edwards makes his appearance known each morning. Doors swinging open, foot through the door, finishing off with a twirl, Viray-Edwards has grown to...

Nour Karajeh, junior, has plans to enter into the medical field following her senior year.

Nour Karajeh: A Dream Ever so Close

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff May 13, 2021

A pencil glides gently within the confines of a notebook, gracing pages with a smooth, velvety silver. The hand of the writer floats rhythmically with each line being drafted, for these very words mark...

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