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Following the Atlanta, Georgia shooting, protesters rallied in Hing Hay Park in Seattle on March 13th, 2021.

Stop Asian American and Pacific Islander Hate

Christine Vo, ENN Staffer April 1, 2021

Fear within the Asian community has heightened over the past month as new reports of hate and discrimination surface. While overall hate crimes began to decrease by 7 percent from 2019 to 2020, according...

Mamamoo, one of the many artists who were affected by Spotify and Kakao Entertainment's dispute, had many of there songs taken off of Spotify this past month.

Battle For The Bands: Spotify Versus Kakao Entertainment

, ENN Staff March 22, 2021

On March 1st, Kakao Entertainment and Spotify faced criticism from many K-pop fans after they came to a seemingly sudden conclusion to remove the songs of over 60 artists under Kakao Entertainment’s...

Valentine's Day has become a tradition for people to express love to each other, however it had an auspicious beginning.

Valentine’s Day: A Mysterious Evolution

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff February 23, 2021

Valentine’s Day has thrived as a widely-recognized holiday throughout the world beginning in 496 A.D. Through the progression of time, though, the annual holiday has undergone notable revisions that...

Junior, Noah Obuya became District 39S Lieutenant Governor representing Lake Ridge as well as several other area high schools.

Lieutenant Obuya

Madi Madiha, ENN Staff February 5, 2021

For some, high school is about an experience. For others, it's about graduating with the hopes of doing something momentous in life. For 16 year old Noah Obuya, it's both. Obuya is a junior, and despite...

Valeria Delgado, Algebra teacher, experiences her first year teaching at Lake Ridge this school year.

Valeria Delgado: From Student to Teacher

Jenna McDonnell, ENN Staff February 5, 2021

As her dry-erase marker dances across the white board, Valeria Delgado, Algebra 1 teacher, can’t help but muster a proud smile as her students attentively engage in the lesson. With a clarity greater...

With Kamala Harris as America's newest Vice President, women of color are finally finding representation.

Paving the Way

Christin Campbell, ENN Staff February 5, 2021

Many young children long to hold a title as powerful as the Vice President of the United States when they are older, but many have also wondered if this is even possible due to lack of representation over...

Audiences have struggled with how some film makers aren't using minority actors to fill minority roles.

Minority Representation in Media

Ciara Hendricks, ENN Staff January 28, 2021

Major animation companies such as Disney and Pixar have a huge influence on the lives of young and impressionable children. Pixar’s most recent animation, Soul, has been popular with many people. While...

Baseball coach, Michael Smith, has made an impact both on the field and in the classroom.

Michael Smith: More Than Just A Coach

Nour Karajeh, ENN staff January 28, 2021

Father, coach, and Social Studies teacher, a man who makes it his mission to bring light into the lives of people around him. Almost everyone dreams about being something important when they grow up....

Emily Hamm, junior, has dreams to continue her Theatre career on the Broadway stage.

A Star Is Born

Alexa Reyna, ENN Staff January 20, 2021

Junior, Emily Hamm, has been a lover of musical theatre for as long as she can remember. At the age of seven, Hamm auditioned to be on American Idol. One of the judges said in order for Hamm to find tune...

English teacher Jessica LaBonville nearly became the next Carrie Underwood after auditioning for American Idol.

Lake Ridge’s ‘Idol’

Kaila Akpabio , ENN Special Contributor December 10, 2020

English 1 teacher, Jessica LaBonville, auditioned for “American Idol” in 2004 - the same year as Carrie Underwood. “Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a famous country singer. I was...

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