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Amber Abrego

Cooking It Up

Rebecca Rios, ENN Staff May 14, 2024

From long practices to competitions, culinary requires a lot of dedication and energy. Junior Amber Abrego, who has had a passion for the culinary arts since she was young, has put in hours of work to...

Gracian Sieni

Gracian Sieni, future Cosmetic Dermatologist

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff May 14, 2024

There are many decisions that high school seniors have to make regarding their future. Gracian Sieni, Senior Class President, has always had a plan for her future and what she wanted to study as a career....

Brooke-Lynn Riser

Looking Good

Madison Sanders, ENN Staff May 14, 2024

Throughout Brooke-Lynn Riser's life she's always had her unique interests and many things influenced them, whether it be family or the unfortunate events that happen to her life. With her interests she...

Precious Nwokolo

The Culture of Nigeria

Apollo Anders, ENN Staff May 14, 2024

The continent of Africa is a center of culture and history. Junior Precious Nwokolo is Nigerian and loves her culture. She is Igbo, one of the three ethnic groups from Nigeria along with the Hausa and...

Madison Sanders

A Different Type of Living

Brooke-Lynn Riser, ENN Staff May 14, 2024

Throughout life, people learn many things whether it be through family, friends, or peers. Madison Sanders, a freshman, has a unique experience growing up that not many people can relate to. Ever since...

A Love of Languages

A Love of Languages

Apollo Anders, ENN Staff February 27, 2024

Languages are a core feature of any culture. They let people express themselves and describe the world around them. Many people in America only speak one or two languages, but some shoot far past those...

The Teaching Journey of a Farmer

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff November 9, 2023

Becoming a teacher, making his own mushroom farm, and going back to teaching is a small part of Aquatic Science teacher, Adam Cohen's, journey of pursuing his passion for sea creatures. Cohen was born...

The Cactus Classroom

The Cactus Classroom

Valeria Ramirez, ENN Staff May 15, 2023

Jennifer Swegler, Ap World History teacher, had been teaching for 14 years when she started in August of 2009. In her Ap class at Lake Ridge she has a class theme that states ‘In this class we stick...

Mrs. Mama Bear

Mrs. Mama Bear

Precious Nwokolo, ENN Staff April 26, 2023

A mother of three boys, and a wife to an Australian man, Beth Simmonds has expressed her parental love for her students as a mother and a teacher. She knows that every child is special and treats her students...

Chemistry teacher Katrina Covington has spent most of her time teaching at Lake Ridge since its opening back in 2012.

Katrina Covington: 12 Unique Years in the Making

Brycen Trinh, ENN Staff April 26, 2023

Lake Ridge High School, which opened back in 2012, has seen new faces in its teachers and staff each school year as many teachers have come and go. This is not the case for Advanced Chemistry teacher,...

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