What Do Your Dreams Mean?


Senior Alex Minor gets in a nap between classes.

Megan Overby , ENN Staff

Dreams are something that many people are interested in because some of them can be strange, some might predict future events, and some may mean something. They occur most often during our REM sleep, or rapid eye movement, when the brain is most active. So why do we dream?

Mrs. Wilson, psychology teacher at Lake Ridge, explains the theories of why we have dreams.

“One theory says that dreams contain all the trash from that day and it just is a recapture of the events that went on. Another theory says that you are just going through all of your thoughts that you had that day. Another theory states that basically you had bad food and it’s just weird chemicals that cause the dreams. Sigmund Freud’s theory says that everything you dream of means something and it’s all symbolism,” Wilson said.


Some dreams that we may have connect to what we are actually doing at the moment we are dreaming. Kylie Sheppard, junior, was reaching to save herself in her dream, but hurt herself in the process.

“I had a loft bed at the time and it was very close to my ceiling. I had a dream that I was falling down a well because my friend had pushed me down. I was so scared that I raised my hands up thinking I could stop myself from falling, and in real life I had raised my hands up and hit my hand on the ceiling fan. When I woke up, I had dry blood covering my hand and I still have the scar on my left ring finger,” said Sheppard.

Most dreams are just fun, fictious events that our brains create. Aubree Durrett, junior, has lived in a fairytale in her sleep.

“A huge ogre had stolen me and locked me in a tower that looked like Rapunzel’s. My brother, Brandon, came swooping in on a vine and he bounced off a mushroom up to my tower window amd saved me from the giant,” Durrett said.

We may even learn life lessons or overcome our fears while we dream, according to junior Amour Tabb’s experience.

“I appeared at a bar with a bunch of my friends, but they started to talk about something that made me feel left out and uncomfortable, so I went outside. When I went outside, there was this deep voice in the shadows telling me to go back inside. I didn’t want any trouble, so I went back inside. Later, I went back outside and the same thing happened, The third time, the voice told me to give him my necklace. He took it and the whole world warped into a vortex of black and red. It hit me that this guy was evil and I wasn’t going to sit there and watch him take over the world. So I saved myself and others and defeated the evil guy,” explained Tabb.

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