Single’s Survival Guide: Valentine’s Day Edition


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Single survival guide

Sydney Johnson, Editor in Chief

Well Eagles, it’s Valentine’s Day or as I like to call it, “Singles Appreciation Day”.  The sweet smell of roses and chocolates filling the air is almost enough to make a single person hurl. Watching happy couples meander down the hallway may prompt you to throw those very things at the love birds.

If you find yourself about ready to sit down on the couch and watch The Notebook for the 10th time with your pint of Blue Belle, put down your spoon and let me give you a few ideas to chew on instead.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; it’s about showing love. (And surely you have love in your life, right? I know I do.) The best way to survive Valentine’s Day is to remove the focus off yourself and turn it towards others.


If your single, chances are so are most of your friends. So, a great idea for Valentine’s Day is to create a scrapbook of your friendships.  Give each friend a page and have them write down a funny story of the two of you along with a cute picture.  Add your own memories and stories to complete the book. It will make Valentine’s Day special for all of you!


If you find yourself grumpy about love and down in the dumps because of your perpetual “single”ness then grab your camera and do some exploring! Spend your afternoon talking to couples of all ages and find out what makes their love last. Find out how they met and what their greatest love lessons are.  You might just get some new insight on what makes relationships work (because let’s face it, we won’t be single forever right?). It is a memory that you will be able to share with that special someone when you meet them someday.


Do you plan on spending your evening wallowing in self-pity and self-doubt? Instead, take all of the those depressing hours and use them to volunteer at your favorite charity or nursing home.  Buy flowers and deliver them to our local nursing homes or Ronald McDonald House and remind others how much they matter.  Not only will they appreciate your kindness but it instantly makes you more attractive! It’s a win/win right?!

If these ideas don’t spark your interest remember this,  being single isn’t a permanent state. Find a cute puppy to cuddle with, order a George’s deep dish pizza and buy that pint of Blue Belle.  The Notebook never disappoints.

Happy Valentine’s Day Eagles!❤️