Contest winner: The Conspiracy of That Poppy


Anh La poses at Danny Jones Middle School.

Anh La, ENN Special Contributor

Editor’s note: Journalism students at Danny Jones Middle School were offered the opportunity to compete in a writing contest. The winner would have their work published in Eagle Nation News. Congratulations to Anh La, who becomes the first middle school writer in the district to ever have her work published in a high school paper. Welcome to the Lake Ridge Journalism family Anh!

    The slightly sinister atmosphere that Poppy places you in will leave your mind in a state of dark thoughts. Who is this Poppy? Well, she’s known for being a content creator on YouTube. However, she brings tension to viewers due to her creepy videos. Poppy seems to be captured in mainstream culture and there are some theories why. Critics say she’s part of a secret society in which the government “controls” her actions. For example, in her music video “Lowlife,” she sits in front of a tent representing the symbol of this secret alliance. Poppy also sells clothing with the exact symbol of the alliance featured. Finally, Poppy frequently makes references in her videos about the lies of pop culture. 

Generally Poppy comes off as creepy, but she’s only a portraying a character. Poppy’s overall story is quite enchanting and makes viewers aware of what’s behind the curtains of celebrity culture.