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Tommy Nguyen Junior, working in AP Chemistry.

Aysia Holder and Jacob Uggen

Most people know him for his above 100 GPA and overall studious manner, but throughout this piece you may learn that Tommy Nguyen is like all of us, just a little more dedicated to being the 2017 validectorian.

The Lake Ridge junior is involved in Key Club, an organization that focuses on improving the community and helping people who need assistance. He is also a member of the University Interscholastic League Science team, that competes against other Mansfield Schools on an academic level.

Even though Nguyen is at the top of his class he suffers from procrastination like most students. However he manages to get his work done and turned in on time.

Nguyen’s role models are Drake and Kobe Bryant. He said that both are of the “greatest” in their respective fields.

“I hope to one day experience Drake’s level of success in whatever profession I’m in,” Nguyen said.

Undecided on which college he wants to go to or what major to go into, Nguyen said he envisions himself working in an office somewhere, “maybe as a an accountant or CEO or something along those lines.”