Student Profile | Fabian Olguin


Jacob uggen

Fabian posing for a picture at Putt-Putt

Fabian Olguin is a lot more than meets the eye. He teaches music to little kids, he has his own Soundcloud for uploading music, and he is training to be a EMT, all while keeping up with golf and school.

Olguin works at his local music studio, Music Place Mansfield, where he gives private and group lessons to little kids while managing all the trainees. When asked about his job, Fabian said “knowing the people that I work for now, they have changed I look at the world for the better, and every time I walk in I have a smile on my face.”

Also Fabian has his own Soundcloud for uploading music covers. Fabian likes to just have fun messing around with music “I like make little songs and stuff,”  Olguin said. Fabian has his own equipment and instruments at his house, and sometimes makes his own songs.

Olguin has been working summers at his mother’s hospital as an intern since he was in seventh grade. Now he is training to become a EMT, and sees a medical profession in his future. “I’m becoming a EMT at the hospital, then after getting my degree I want to become a nurse.”

This Musically talented and caring guy does all this whilst being one of the best on the LRHS JV golf team and is destined for varsity next year.