A Quest for Happiness

Dylan Rogers, ENN Staff

Before she was able to walk, she was just a little girl drawing on everything she could reach. Lake Ridge junior Angelica Romero has been drawing her whole life, ever since she was a little kid not even able to walk and she keeps drawing up to this day.

“Mom would pull up home videos of me barely walking and I would be holding a pencil just scribbling on anything,” Romero said.

Some people have to go out and learn and it would take years to develop an ability such as art. But to some art is a natural talent, something they were born to do and they only have to work hard to maintain that talent.

“I think art came naturally, art is what I was meant to do,” Romero said.

Art is important to Romero because she uses it to express herself, show feelings or to just fill a missing void she’d have without it.Drawing means everything to her because its gives her fulfillment and meaning.

“I keep doing it because if I don’t, I’ll just feel empty,” Romero said.

She also believes that art should stand for more than just paint on canvas she believes it should help people come together to understand different cultures or issues that happen in this world.

“Art has a universal meaning, you can see things from a culture perspective and I believe art connects people,” Romero explained.

But there is one thing that makes Romero different from everyone else, she has the opportunity to sell her art as a junior in high school which is a unique thing you don’t see everyday.

“An art instructor gave me a job offering over [in El Paso] to make prints of my drawings and sell them,” Romero said.

This all started when she told her parents she was joining AP art, which got people interested in her drawings. She doesn’t just want to sell art, she wants to gain an appreciation for art and she wants to bring people together to enjoy what she draws, she wants people to see her art and have a smile on their face when they’re done looking at it.

“Its really meaningful for me to sell my stuff because I try to make people happy and I kind of do that with my drawings,” Romero explained.

Angelica Romero doesn’t just dream about drawing, she takes action in her quest to help show people the difference in cultures. She wants to unite people with a common interest in art as her main goal even before she was able to walk was and still is to use art to bring happiness and brighten up a world even to people who are going though some dark times in their life Romero doesn’t just sell art for money she does it to try and make this world a better place with her natural talent of drawing.