Politics, Which Side are You On?


Courtesy of Inside Politics

Symbols represent the Republican and Democratic Parties

Justin Kahl, Newspaper Staff

Most of the youth in America base their opinion of the political party that they support off of their parents views. It is not until we grow older that we really decide for ourselves who we identify with and in turn would like to vote for. But, how do you know the difference between the two: Democrat or Republican?

The Republican party came into existence just prior to their long time stance in favor of abolition of slavery. They were a small third party at the time who nominated John C. Freemont for president in 1856. The elephant was elected as their symbol in 1874. The Republicans now believe in tax cuts for ALL Americans, not just the lower and middle class. In general, they do not support gay marriage and believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Republicans are Pro-life as well, which means that they do not support abortion unless under specific circumstances. They also favor the right to own a gun to protect yourself as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Republicans favor the issue of expanding drilling for natural resources in order to create a low price for the consumer. (Source: judicialwatch.org)

The Democratic party came about starting with Thomas Jefferson, and they are complete opposites. Their symbol is the donkey because of Andrew Jackson who was publicly nicknamed Jackass according to enkivillage.com. Democrats believe in tax cuts for low income citizens by raising the taxes of the top 1 percent of wage earners, support gay marriage, are pro-choice which means they support the rights of a woman to get an abortion under any circumstance. Democrats favor gun control over a citizen’s right to the ownership of firearms. Democrats are heavy supporters of protecting the environment also. (Source: judicialwatch.org)

So, which side are you on?