Forest of Fears


Campers celebrating Halloween

Tierany Narro, ENN Staff

Imagine wondering through the woods hearing terrifying noises and then all of the sudden a zombie comes running at you. This is what you can expect when visiting the Forest of Fears at Loyd Park.

With events like pumpkin carving contests and haunted hayrides. Kids also have the opportunity to trick-or-treat at haunted campsites. These campsites which are decorated to be spooky and creepy, boast everything from the Adams Family to zombies fishing for body parts.

“This year was our first year doing it and we had several decorations that we thought would be enough. But then we realized people go all out! They have full on sets and make it look really creepy,” said camper, Mindy McDaniel.

“I liked getting all the candy and the campsites. The scariest part was the people with chainsaws,” said camper, Chloe O’Neal

Many of the campers go all out, decorating their campsites with projectors that show talking pumpkins, and playing creepy sounds and Halloween music. Most campers wore costumes to make the night even more frightening.

“My favorite campsite was the scarecrow one. They had what looked like a statue standing on the side of the rode. It was actually a person that would reach out and grab for you!” said camper, Bree McDaniel

With so many different themes and campers decking out there sites, you were sure to get a fright in the Forest of Fears. Your last chance to experience the campsite at Loyd Park will be this weekend, if you are brave enough.

A pumpkin at the campgrounds
A pumpkin at the campgrounds