Top 5 Stories of the Week | Oct. 31-Nov. 3


Aysia Holder, ENN Staff

Clinton, Comey, and More Emails

Hillary Clinton and her supporters condemn the F.B.I.’s Director James Comey, after he released a statement to congress over the recent findings of more emails connected to Clinton’s email server.

The Clinton campaign condemned Comey’s decision to notify congress about the emails just days right before the presidential election.

Clinton argued that his actions were “strange, unprecedented,” and “deeply troubling,” because the statement was made without much information and little to no facts.

Russia Hacked

Russia once again gets another taste of their own medicine as Ukrainian hacking group, who call themselves Cyber Hunta, released several emails from Vladimir Putin’s top aide, Vladislav Surkov. The emails date back as far as to 2014.

The United States stated that they had nothing to do with this hacking.

The emails revealed that the russian government influenced the separatist movements in both Ukraine and Georgia. They also provided evidence that Russia was highly involved in wars in eastern Ukraine, as well as their involvement in the shooting down of  Malaysian Flight 17, in 2014, that was shot down by the separatists.

A Deeper Look into Jose Fernandez’s Death

Star pitcher of the Miami Marlins baseball team, Jose Fernandez, was killed in a boat crash, with his two friends, Emilio Jesus Marcias and Eduardo Rivero.

Recent autopsies revealed that Fernandez was legally drunk, and had cocaine in his system as well. Marcias’s and Rivero’s systems had alcohol levels below the legal limit,yet Rivero also had traces of cocaine in his system.

The boat belongs to Fernandez, however the driver of the boat remains unknown. The authorities are taking the investigation as a homicide investigation.

The End of Mariah Carey’s and James Packer’s Relationship

Australian billionaire and businessman , James Packer calls a quits on his engagement with singer Mariah Carey.

Packer, claims that his reasoning is due to Carey’s excessive spending of money, but mostly her upcoming reality TV show. Packer was strongly against exposing their relationship to the public eye. Later details also reveal that Packer’s disapproval of Carey’s friendship with her backup dancer Bryan Tanka, could have also influenced his break from his ex-fiance.

Sources have uncovered from inside sources that Carey was “blind sighted” to the sudden break up. And that she had demanded a $50 million from Packer, her reason being that she compromised her life for him. Packer refused to give her any money, but allowed her to keep the $10 million engagement ring.

After the split, it had been reported that Carey went to find comfort from her ex-husband Nick Cannon, and Packer found comfort from his first wife.

Texas Man’s “Battle of Good and Evil”

A 23 year old man, Davie Dauzat, was charged for murdering his wife, and arrested under a $500,000 bond.

The Dauzat had decapitated his wife, and placed her head in the freezer.

After the authorities came, Dauzat admitted that killing his wife was wrong, but later defended his actions as a “battle between good and evil.”

Reports had shown that no drugs were in his system except for traces of Marijuana that he and his former wife had smoked prior.