Did I Remember that Correctly?


Courtesy of Google Images

In Snow White did the evil queen say “mirror, mirror on the wall” or “magic mirror on the wall?” Did Mickey Mouse have suspender or not? Most will say yes I do remember Mickey Mouse with suspenders, but when you look up a picture of Mickey Mouse you will not find discover him wearing them. This is called the Mandela Effect. This is when someone has a clear memory of something that possibly never happened. A group of people will remember the exact same thing but in different ways.

Courtesy of Google Images

Most people will see the Mandela Effect and think of conspiracy theories but this is a different concept. The Mandela effect is not trying to prove or find loop holes to prove fake memories. It’s trying to prove what a group of people remember clearly about specific events. According to Mandelaeffect.com , the Mandela Effect started around 2010 when Fiona Broome reported a memory that Mandela died in a South African prison, but in reality he didn’t die till the year of 2013 which is where the name of the effect comes from. In 2015 the effect gained popularity when people argued over the correct spelling of the “Berenstein” or “Berstain” Bears. Monique Molinar, sophomore, remembers the spelling very vividly. “As a child this was one of my favorite books and I remember the spelling being ‘Berenstein’ because every time my mom would ask if I wanted to read the book she would refer to it as the ‘Stein bears’ not ‘Stain Bears’,” stated Molinar.

Even though some don’t remember the same exact memory as others, it doesn’t mean their brain isn’t fully developed. The Mandela Effect is sometimes referred to as a parallel reality, and researchers say that we have been living both live’s without realizing it. The effect has to do with if people remember some things one way and some another. Noelle Titler, sophomore, thinks if you remember it one way and some don’t doesn’t mean you have bad memory. ” It doesn’t mean their memory is bad it just means we didn’t really look at things very closely and we believed it was one way so we lived our whole life thinking that till someone was going to tell us wrong,” stated Titler.

As some realize that their memory has been wrong their whole life it changes how they view the world. When you believe something for so long you start to live by it, and only believe it’s that exact way. It not only changes the way you view the world, it changes the way you view situations. Haylee Washington, sophomore, views situations differently. “When I find out that I have been wrong my whole life it changes how I view specific situations, like I now understand all people have different ways dealing with problems and some might handle certain situations better than others. It also helps me be more open to others peoples input,” stated Washington.

The Mandela Effect is a way to view the world differently. The effect that has people wondering if it is really one way or another. As the effect grows more situations will emerge. When you think of memory think, do I remember this correctly?