20/20 vision on 2020


Robert Viray-Edwards, ENN Staff

As this year comes to an end, it’s time to start making new memories, including making new resolutions. With the new year, comes new goals to achieve and old ones to fulfill.

As 2020 approaches, it gives people all around the world another opportunity to complete their decade long aspirations. From making healthier decisions to lowering the time they spend on social media, new year resolutions can vary. However, as the new year progresses, people often lose focus on their resolutions. For sophomore, Mercy Nyakundi, she tried to make herself healthier.

“My goal for 2019 was to work on my health, but that didn’t work due to me focusing on other things than that. However, as for 2020, I’m going to change my mindset and do things differently and do things I should have done this year. I am going to go to the gym and make healthier food choices,” said Nyakundi.

In 2020, social media and smart technology has been more abundant. With the new iPhones to Netflix, it has consumed billions of people around the world. The time spent on social media has increased as the years go by and it continuously grows to unprecedented heights. Social media and technology is an unhealthy addiction to many, therefore people want to cut down on screen time and focus on the world around them. As for junior, Matilda Nwanna, she wants to put the time she spends on her phone into her school work and her athletics.

“My resolution for 2020 is to get a better 5k time, have a better attitude, and stop procrastinating so much. I wanted to get a better 5k time this year alongside with getting better at public speaking, but one thing I did too much was procrastinate. Also, I was on my phone a lot and social media, so I want to put my phone down and take a break from all of that for next year,” said Nwanna.

As teenagers grow older and advance within high school, the school work gets more challenging, and students stress out over the workload. Organization is one of the keys to having a more planned high school run and a better mindset heading into college. It also pans out and separates the time between school, extracurriculars, and entertainment. However, for junior, Eriel Fields, organization is a key part to the success she hopes to achieve in 2020.

“For 2020, I am expecting to get a job as well as volunteer. I wanted to start applying and taking my SAT’s and ACT’s early along with cooking for my family this year, but I just couldn’t get to it. For next year, I will start being more committed by using a planner and reminders on my phone to stay organized,” said Fields.

Resolutions may be challenging to follow through, but they are not impossible. By always being on top of it and keeping the 2020 vision set on a great 2020 it will bring great ambitions to start off a new decade.