Students Tempted by Off-Campus Lunch Idea


Photo: Brianna Villatoro

From left, sophomore Jordan Miller and junior Deborah Omoregie, contemplate taking a cruise from the school parking lot, Jan. 25, 2016.

Deborah Omoregie, ENN Special Contributor

At school lunch tables, Lake Ridge students with cars (and a distaste for school meals) can often be heard talking about the temptation of going off campus to eat.

The subject of off-campus lunch has been a hot topic this year, according to some who say school-wide lunch travel restrictions should be lifted. Others say it could be dangerous if the rules are changed allowing for inexperienced drivers to eat out.

Sophomore Paloma Infante suggested that only juniors and seniors be granted permission to travel to eat at lunch, because “they are the ones that have cars.”

According to Elizabeth Steelman, a senior who drives to school each day, parental consent should be enough to allow for students to eat off campus during meal time.

But to others like Lake Ridge senior Casey Adesulu, safety is an issue when high school students drive.

“It’s more likely that kids will get into accidents because teenagers are distracted by technology,” said Adesulu.

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Brianna Villatoro contributed to this report.