The Odd Couple: Rehearsals


Lake Ridge Theatre via Twitter

Micah Tolton, ENN Staff

During Mr. Goza’s ninth period, you can find him running through lines with a group of actresses who were casted for the new one act play he is directing and a group made up of mostly sophomores and juniors in the workshop next to his room, painting and building little set pieces for the production. Laughter, the faint smell of paint, and a continuous sound of drilling filled the air, the kids really seemed to be having fun. This is what happens behind the scenes of The Odd Couple, a play about two roommates— one who is a recently divorced slob who moves in with a clean freak.

Juniors, Katherine Piwonka and Kyla Ferguson, and sophomores, Holly Simpson and Kiana Vance, are just some of the actresses who are playing the lead roles in this play. The Odd Couple, a comedy and tragedy, should finally premiere in a couple of months. David Goza, our Lake Ridge Theatre teacher, commented on the play he’s directing saying,”The play represents the clash of friendship and how opposites attract.”

Kyla Ferguson shared that, “[The play] is going good. It’s a lot of fun it’s a great chance for people who never get to be on stage to shine.” But Ferguson also shared a bit of information about the play as well saying,”Well it’s short, really funny, and free so I don’t know why they wouldn’t come.”

The play should arrive in April, so keep an eye out for any more updates, and make sure to support The Odd Couple when it comes out.