Mansfield Gets Multicultural


Saturday, Feb. 27, the Mansfield Independent School District held its annual Multicultural Festival. It is an event where people from all over the city can learn about their neighbor’s cultures.

“America is full of diverse cultures and this is where people can show off their own individual idealism,” junior, Austin Truong said.

MISD contains students from all over the world, including those from Germany to Ghana.

Several volunteers from all age groups participated in this event representing each country and its culture. There were also stations that had games oriented for children with disabilities as well as arts and crafts for young ones to enjoy.

“I love cooking and I love people, so I’m here at the multicultural event to learn new things about the cultures and the kind of foods that they make,” junior, Haven Hood said, who volunteered at the event.

The festival had a wide variety of things to enjoy from food, to games, to wax museums, and exclusive performances that displayed distinct characteristics that makes their culture stand out from the rest.