One Giant Leap for 2016


Photo Courtesy of Google Clips

Feb 29th is Leap Day

Happy Leap Day Lake Ridge!  That’s right, 2016 is a leap year, which means that we get another whole day in February and in our second semester!

The Gregorian calendar, which is what our common calendar system is based on, has both normal and leap years.  This is to synchronize our calendar year with the solar year.  A solar year is the number of days it takes the earth to rotate around the sun, which is about 365 1/4 years.  So every four years, a day is added (February 29th) the adjust for the extra 1/4 day.

The day of February 29, has been commonly linked to superstitions and traditions.  In Scotland, for example, it is unlucky to be born on Leap Day.  In Greece, it is considered extremely bad luck to get married on Leap Day.   (Source: UPI News)

But don’t worry Lake Ridge, our school year didn’t get longer.  MISD adjusted the school year to account for the added calendar day.  MISD’s last day of school in 2016 is June 2nd.


What will you do with our added day in February? Leave a comment below!