Beak Week Preview


The fourth annual Beak Week is starting this Friday, May 13th. This event is held every school year in the spring time. It is a week dedicated to give back to the community, whether it’s raising money for a charitable organization or holding a fundraiser for fellow students in need. This year Lake Ridge is earning money for Suicide Crisis Center of North Texas.

This year’s theme is Out of This World, as activities are based off of the iconic movie series, Star Wars. Each class is divided into four teams. Seniors represent the wise master, Yoda. Juniors represent Jedi. Sophomores represent Chewbacca, and the Freshmen represent R2D2. The teachers are involved this year as well, for the first time being the evil lord Darth Vador.

Each team’s goal is to earn more money than their competitors by the end of the week.

Many other activities are planned to go on everyday as well. Such as pep rally’s, Lake Ridge’s first Lip synch battle, the annual Beaky Boys, Dodgeball, and so much more.

All the money earned from these events and donations will be given to the Suicide Crisis Center of North Texas.

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