Eagles Rock P.J. Day!

Alex Minor (left), Brook Lampe (Middle), Almu Lopez (Right)

Alex Minor (left), Brook Lampe (Middle), Almu Lopez (Right)

Monday, May 16, was Pajama Day at Lake Ridge High School. The comfy, cozy day was the first day of dress-up events in honor of Beak Week.  Beak Week is an annual, week-long event that includes fundraising, sporting events, and themed dress-up days.

Students from all grades could been seen roaming the halls in all types of pajama fashions from onesies to flannel separates and slippers.

“I love pajama day because it gives me a chance to actually be comfortable at school,” explained Somer Sabini, junior.

Jenel Fernandez, senior agrees. “Pajama day is the best day of Beak Week because I can get out of my bed, fix my hair and makeup but also not have to worry about getting dressed!”

The remaining Beak Week Dress-up themes:

Tuesday – Nerd Day

Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day

Thursday – Star Wars Day

Friday Beak – Week Shirts


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