Get Ready With Me


Mrs. Harris

The step team posing for a team picture

Melinda Weenig, ENN Staff

Have you ever wondered how the girls on drill team dance so effortlessly in front of thousands of people? How they come out on the field looking so confident? There is a lot more work that they put into it because they don’t just have to get physically prepared but they have to get mentally prepared as well.

“Stretching, practicing, and going over counts in my head helps me feel prepared for every game,” Bianca Bracy, senior, said. “But whenever I do get nervous I like to say a quick prayer in my head and take a deep breath and just remember to dance.”

To get rid of their nerves, the drill team render a ritual before each performance . “The squad and I circle up and do a chant called ‘Let’s Go Eagles’ and that helps us calm our nerves and gets us hype for the game,”¬†Freshman, Kayla Danage, said.

It’s not just about putting on makeup or putting on a certain outfit. Its about how they get mentally prepared and ready to dance with so much confidence in front of a crowd.