JROTC Destination: Fort Hood

Brianna Villatoro, ENN Staff

Soldiers from Fort Hood Base
Soldiers from Fort Hood Base

The JROTC program at Lake Ridge High School has expanded throughout the years. Each serving class goes on a field trip . On Thursday, Sept. 15, the group travelled to an Army base in Fort Hood, Texas.

Jerome Melancon, senior, has been in the JROTC program for 4 years now.

“It was quite a drive, it was about an hour and 45 minutes. It was fun though. We had two huge charter buses pick us up at about 6 am. We watched movies, we watched Major Payne of course, even stopped by Buc-ee’s,” said Melancon.

Senior Antwan Carter agrees with Melancon that activities this year were different. The changed events kept the JROTC program interested and wondering what would come next.

“Some of the things from last year didn’t feel the same but we did new things so that made it fun.” said Carter.

As soon as the unit reached their destination, the first thing they saw was a demonstration by  the 1st Calvary Division Unit. A division with a rich history dating back to 1921. The cadets were also able to see a K-9 unit and met the dogs and horses on the base.

The group got to experience what it is like when a soldier “falls over” from a high distance. With a life size dummy, the soldiers performed a drill from a 4-story high wall and showed the groups what do when a situation, such as a solider down, occurs.

JROTC teacher, First Sergeant Sedric Wade, enjoyed every minute of the experience and getting the opportunity to spend the time with his students.

“I do see a change in these students. When we are there the students get to meet men and women who serve. That’s what they want to do in the future. It shows them what it is really like and provides them with a better look at everything. They learned a lot,” Sergeant Wade said.