“The Machine” Makes Its Debut


Staci Groth

The Machine

Micah Tolton, ENN Staff

It’s no secret that our Lake Ridge band puts in hours upon hours of practice in and outside of school on their performances for the football games and competitions. With their success of becoming the grand champions at the Wylie Marching Inivitational last year, this year all eyes are definitely on band. Since June of this year, the band has been preparing and practicing for their performance called “The Machine” which will be performed at this year’s Homecoming game.

“Over the course of the summer, we have short focus rehearsals called “sectionals” that are run by the student leadership, and me being the brass captain for the year, had attended all of them,” said brass captain and senior, Brendan Noblitt. “We then started working on the actual visual part of the show in early August.”

Although band is an extracurricular activity, it requires you to put your all into everything you do. Drum major and junior, Luan Do elaborated, “The more you practice something the less nervous you will be in the end. So everyone in the band just tries their hardest to perfect their craft and in turn be less nervous.”

Watching our Lake Ridge band perform is something most students enjoy, and for freshman this could be their first time even going to a football game and watching the band perform. “Because I’m a freshman this year, it is all new to me. Going to football games and watching the band play is so exciting and I am proud to be an eagle,” said freshman Emma Cruz.

Besides the football and homecoming crowning, the band’s performance is one people should look forward to. “This will set us up for the Wylie and the Duncanville Marching Invitational in two weeks,” Noblitt said.

Alongside the process of learning the new routine, props had been added to the mix. “It complicates the process slightly for our wonderful parents who created the props; and who ultimately set them up on the field. But it definitely adds a lot to the effect of our show this year,” explained Do.

All in all “The Machine” has been perfected for several months now, so if you can stop by the Homecoming game this Friday at Newsom Stadium to see our Lake Ridge band perform.