The other side of Homecoming

Kayla Moore, ENN Special Contributer

Despite common belief, not all students get to experience the full extravaganza of Homecoming’s adrenalized touchdowns, enthusiastic cheers, and concession stand hot dogs. Some students, instead, have a specific job to do during the event.

Extracurricular activities, such as football, drill team, cheerleading and marching band, all have to work in the Lake Ridge Homecoming game. Instead of sitting in the stands and enjoying the night, they will be the ones on the field entertaining the crowd.

Missing out on the garters, mums, and memories seemed to sadden a few students.

Sophomore, Gabby Zacamitzin, says being able to participate in the Lake Ridge Band is a blessing, however it also comes with a few obligations.

“I get to be with friends in the band. But, I can’t sit with other people outside of them. It makes me feel kind of left out sometimes since I’ve never experienced a regular homecoming.”

However, other students, like junior Holly Simpson, a cheerleader, enjoy her role in the Homecoming game.

“I love cheering at the game. Even though there are no mums.”

Sophomore, Arianna Moorer, is okay with her involvement as a dancer on the Lake Ridge’s Elite Dance Team.

“I’m kind of annoyed. But at the same time, I signed up to be on the team, so I guess I have no room to complain.”

No matter if it is supporting, playing, performing, or cheering, students all hold important roles in creating a memorable homecoming.

Students show off their mums before Homecoming.
Scarlet Cloud
Students show off their mums before Homecoming.