Melinda Weenig

Ribbons adorned, bells ringing, draped around a girls neck as they proudly show off their mums. Mums are large floral pins that students wear to celebrate homecoming day. The process of making a mum can be a lot of fun but wearing them can be a different story.

Victoria Gamblin, senior, says how the process of making the garter was fun but wearing the mum wasn’t the greatest. “I’ve had to make a garter but the process for that is fun because you get to pick the ribbon and make it look cute. Wearing mums to school is honestly not the greatest experience, after a while it hurts your neck and when you walk all you hear is bells, and I’m really short so I’ve tripped over the ribbon a few times,” Gamblin said.

Some students wear mums every year because it’s a tradition, but some students only wear mums during their senior year because it’s their last year of high school. Elizabeth Williams, senior, talks about how she wanted to wear a mum for her senior year of high school and how it was fun gathering around to take pictures with friends. “This is my first year wearing a mum because the past three years I didn’t care to wear a mum, but it was a great conversation starter and a reason to take pictures, so that was so much fun seeing everyone come together to take pictures,” Williams said.

Wearing mums aren’t just for fun but it’s also a tradition that will live on for all the homecoming games to come.