Steps to Sisterhood

Livy Thompson

Lake Ridge High school’s Dynasty step team strives to form young ladies throughout their organization. Promoting a sisterly community between the steppers and managers aid in the productivity and overall success throughout the year.

In a team, the communication between each member makes the connection within the team stronger. Dynasty steppers go as far as forming a sisterhood within to insure a feeling of trust and security beyond basics of practice. The coaches and sponsors decipher inexperienced and experienced steppers by the names “New girls”(NG) and “Old girls” (OG). Sophomore and OG, Jada Mills contributes her focus on bettering herself as a stepper to make Dynasty a sisterhood and not just a team.

“I try to make the new girls that come in feel a little more welcome and try to put my best foot forward when I’m doing a step or teaching anything,” Said Mills.

Brisa Bobadilla, junior, makes sure she allows each member to be open and forthcoming with her, about situations in their personal lives and cherishes the creation of memories each year.

“I tell them everyday that they’re welcome to come to anybody on the team and talk to us individually if they’re having problems and bond with each other and be able to have good moments, care for one another, and love each other,” the team captain said.

Caitlyn Howard, sophomore, brings the team together to break the ice with new girls and further develop relationships on the team by planning events for team members outside of school.

“I try to bond with everyone on the team and do things together. I make sure that everybody is included and we have a good time. Like go to the movies, have team bonding parties, barbecues, and going out to dinner,” Howard said.

With new teammates joining Dynasty step team every year, the different personalities of each girl makes it hard to connect on a sisterly level.  Bobadilla finds it difficult to connect with someone who isn’t considered an actual sibling to herself, which may bring about pros and cons.

“When you don’t have a sister like me in that case, a blood sister, It’s nice to see if you’re able connect with someone else and call them a sister,” Bobadilla said.

Caylah Carey, sophomore, has been on the team for two years and realized how challenging it is to be a sister to a girl she’s unfamiliar with.

“If you don’t know them personally, you don’t know how to deal with them during practice or anytime really. People are different,” says Carey.

Something that Carey would normally only do for an actual sister is provide emotional support if they’re discouraged.

“I boost them to make them happier and be there for them emotionally,”said Carey.

Dynasty Steppers engage in volunteer activities, travel to various cities to perform shows and do performances at pep rallies year-round. Between the physical challenges of stepping and many dances that team leaders choreograph, it is debatable to members whether stepping is a dance or sport. Regardless of what aspect they each like more, the girls strive to form a sisterhood and unite in anything they do for the comfort of each other and success as a whole.

The girls run miles and participate in extensive cardio and abdominal workouts each practice. In order to keep the motivational levels high, six squads within the team compete for points against each other that are earned through excellence and skilled completion the quickest.

During summer camp training for incoming freshman steppers, six OG’s lead a group girls from the team in various conditioning consisting of push-ups, squats, and sprints. Mills won with the highest amount of athletic points and says that stepping is not a dance soley because of how physically involved each girl is.

“We do dance, but it requires agility and you can’t get tired fast like any other sport. It requires the same amount of practices and time you have to put in. We also compete for trophies so it’s a sport,” Mills said.

Over long periods of time, whether on a bus trip out of town or late practices after school, every member finds a sister in each other to lean on and step together.