Eagle Elite Spring Show Special


Music, passion, movement, personality and grace all wrapped into one night.

On Saturday, the Lake Ridge Eagle Elite Dance team presented their annual Spring Show at the Willie Pigg Auditorium. The Spring Show consisted of different styles of dance that showcase the dance team’s hard work from the year. Each class, squad and team performed several dances, some self choreographed, and others choreographed by dance instructor, Amie Harris. For members continuing to remain on the team next year, such as sophomore Kylee Riddle, the spring show was a good way to finish off the year.

“Personally, spring show means the end to a great season and my last time performing with my seniors. It was a time to look back at old memories and prepare for new ones,” says Riddle.

For the seniors, their last Spring Show was an emotional night. The show honored the senior officers and members that were graduating this year through a slideshow and the hanging of their hats, while the girls had their parting words playing over speaker. Senior Eagle Elite captain, Briana Kallenbach, danced her final dance after four years of varsity dance.

“As a senior, the Spring Show was emotional because it’s my last performance and my goodbye to my team from high school,” says Kallenbach.

As a memorable part of the show, several audience members participated in purchasing “shoutouts,” which were pieces of paper that you could fill out with words of encouragement to any of the dancers. The shoutouts were read out loud by the announcers at the podium. Another aspect that made a lasting impression was the dance that included the team’s mothers. The moms were able to dance alongside their daughters in costume, and for Riddle, it set her mood for the show.

“It gave me a chance to share what I love doing with my mom and to see how happy she was performing the dance with me made me happy,” says Riddle.

The performance gives the dancers time to reflect on lessons they’ve learned or advice they’ve been given throughout their time on the team. Kallenbach, as a captain, has learned much about leadership from being an Eagle Elite.

“One thing I learned from Eagle Elite is how to be a leader and how far teamwork and hardwork can go to make something special,” says Kallenbach.

Beyond just learning leadership skills, sophomore Megan Hinojosa learned about pushing herself as a dancer.

“I can push myself to limits that I didn’t think I could, and now I can do more than I thought I was able to because I’ve had a team to push me to do more,” says Hinojosa.

Yet, one of the greatest lessons learned was the the lesson that when a part of this team you will always have someone backing you up.

“One thing I’ve learned from being an Eagle Elite, no matter what you’re going through, there is always one person on the team to help you get through it, whether it’s personal, dance wise, or anything else,” says Riddle.

Spring Show was altogether a success, both for those hanging their hats and those who will be sporting them next year on the field.