What Are You Not Thankful For?


Photo credit: Lecity Omagbon

Thanksgiving is full of food and giving thanks, but what are people not thankful for? From long dreadful traffic to all of your family members coming for the holiday.

When family comes into town or people travel to their family it means that the house has to be clean. Cleaning takes a lot of time most people don’t have. Teacher Jennifer Swegler is having her family here for the holiday and explains what she is not too fond of on Thanksgiving.

“Having to have my entire house clean because I’m going to have a lot of family in town,” said Swegler.

Speaking of family, those annoying family members are coming down too. Whether it’s those cousins, mean aunts or uncles, or your grandparents boring you with their back in the day stories they’ve told almost every time you see them. Junior Ariyana Slindee will be dealing with something similar.

“I don’t enjoy hanging out with my annoying little cousins, they love bother me and always play a little too rough,” said Slindee.

People with food allergies have to be very cautious when they’re eating their Thanksgiving feast. Some people’s Thanksgiving might even be torture with all the foods they can’t eat being put in front of them. Junior Summer Johnson finds this the least enjoyable part about the holiday.

“The cinnamon, I’m allergic to it and I have to be very careful about what I eat,” said Johnson.

Food allergies isn’t the only reason why people don’t enjoy most food at the dinner table. Pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, just pumpkin everything; pumpkin has gone a little too far according to Swegler.

“I can’t stand pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice is not a thing that should exist,” said Swegler.

The Thanksgiving dinner has a lot of good food, but sometimes people over eat. That’s where the New Years resolutions come in. Slindee enjoys the dinner maybe even a little too much.

“I’m not thankful for packing on some extra weight after Thanksgiving dinner,” said Slindee.

The holiday is full of giving thanks, but not being thankful for traffic, annoying cousins, foods you don’t like, and all the stress the holiday brings may get you longing for summer.