The Sights and Sounds of Hoco!

Kayla Thompson, ENN Special Contributor

The homecoming court walks across the football field. The king and queen are announced and the students cheer. The crowns are given and the royalty wave.

This tradition of homecoming is well-known around many Texas high
schools. From the mums and garters to the suits and dresses, homecoming is a big deal to some students. Tori Morales, junior, believes that being a part of homecoming court is an honor. “Being on the homecoming court gives me an opportunity to represent the Lake Ridge junior class,” Morales stated.

Homecoming is a week all about showing school spirit. Students participate by dressing up as a different theme each day. They also show it by voting for homecoming court. Taelyn Echols, junior, thinks voting for court is essential. “ It’s important to vote because homecoming is one of the highlights in high school and makes it more enjoyable,’’ Echols stated.

A big event during this week is the football game. Parents and students go to show their support and spirit for Lake Ridge. However, football isn’t the only event during homecoming. During halftime, the homecoming court walks the field and the winners are announced. Megan Hinjosa, senior, remembers how fun it was to participate last year. “ It was a good chance to dress up last year because I’m usually in my drill team uniform at football games,’’ Hinjosa stated.

Another big part of homecoming is reuniting with old friends. The football game at the end of the week gives students a chance to reunite. This is the chance for the alumni to come back to see old friends, past teachers, and reminisce about their high school experiences. Donavan Thompson, former student, looks forward to revisiting the past. “ I’m excited to come back to see and catch up with my old friends,” Thompson said.

Homecoming isn’t just a football game, it’s a week full of celebration. It’s a chance for students to show spirit, reunite with old friends, and become royalty.