A Helping Hand within the Community


Madison Freeman, ENN STAFF

While Covid-19, also known as Corona, has negatively affected several communities and turned into a global pandemic, some businesses have tried to combat the negative into a positive impact throughout their community. For example, El Primo’s Mexican Grill & Cantina is offering free meals to children twelve and under. Spectrum is offering new customers 60 days of free internet. Both Sprint and T-Mobile are offering unlimited data to their existing customers as well as free hotspots for sixty days.

Since most places are closed, a lot of people aren’t working, and company discounts and deals could help these employees and frequent customers now more than ever. However, some people like junior, Alec Moore, think it’s important that companies help out their communities.

“I think it’s important that companies help out their communities because normally customers are what keep businesses afloat. So now that customers are in need it is vital that companies help the customers out,” Moore said.

Not only are there customers that would benefit from companies helping the community, but the company itself could also benefit. Sophomore, Noah Siohna, believes that community businesses will see a rise in profits when things go back to normal due to their efforts during this crisis.

“They should be motivated to go out and help their customers so they will  be able to come back to a safe environment. Since their income is taking a hit, the good publicity should benefit the company when things go back to normal because it shows the community that they depend on each other and it’s not a one way street,” Siohna said.

While some companies choose to help their community, it can also be hurting them. Sophomore, Lexi Kern, understands this struggle and thinks it is nice for businesses to help but they shouldn’t feel obligated to.

“Many business owners have their own families and financial challenges they have to take care of and the Coronavirus only adds to the problem so I can understand if businesses didn’t want to help the community because they themselves are hurting, however with that being said if they do help the community that would be greatly appreciated. For example, businesses could give away leftover food to those in the community to ensure that their community is safe during this crisis,” Kern said.

Covid-19 is affecting businesses, schools, and more on an unprecedented scale. While the whole world is going through a challenging time, businesses have the opportunity to make a difference in their respective communities. Maybe they act for the long term benefit of their own business, or maybe they know we all need a hand in these difficult times.