Grade Check


Kierstin Wood, Staff Writer

Even though the schools are shut down, students still have to do their school work. Grades are still being entered into skyward and teachers are still teaching. Freshman, Tia Warsop  says that her grades have been better since the quarantine started.

 “Since school is shut down and we are stuck inside I have had nothing to do but my school work so my grades have gone up. And there are less distractions cause I’m not around all the other kids so I can really just focus on my work,” Warsop said.

For others it may not be as easy to focus and do their school work, so their grades might not be as good as they would like. Freshman, Graci Colton feels that it has been a struggle to do her work.

 “It hasn’t been very easy for me to focus on my school, my sleep schedule is all messed up and I really don’t have very much motivation to do my work so my grades have kinda dropped a little bit. I feel like there are more distractions being at home and not having a teacher there to tell me to do my work or help me,” Colton said.

Some students’ grades have stayed pretty much the same. The lockdown hasn’t really affected the way they work. Freshman, Jazmyn Jackson explains that her work ethic has remained constant.

“There hasn’t really been a major change in my grades, they haven’t really dropped or raised. Being on lockdown isn’t something that’s really had a big affect on me, so I just do my work just like I’d do it at school,” Jackson explained.

There are some students that feel as if school work is optional or like they are on summer break already. Sophomore, Adrian Wadley shares that he doesn’t really feel the pressure of doing school work because it feels almost like it’s an option.

 “It’s been kinda weird for me to do school work cause it really just feels like it’s summer time and I don’t have to do it. It’s like I know I need to do it but it doesn’t feel like it’s something that I have to do. Like during school it’s something that isn’t an option. I have to wake up and go, but now I don’t have to wake up at a certain time, it feels like it is optional,” Wadley shares.

Some student’s grades have been all over the place. Some are good and and some are bad. Freshman, Brittany Wood says that her grades have gone through all of it.

“My grades have gone both up and down during the break. Sometimes I will feel really motivated to do my work and other times I don’t feel motivated at all, like there will be times when all I have to do is my work so I will just get it all done and at other times it’s like all I wanna do is watch movies,” said Wood.