Winter is Coming


Olivia Wurtz

Colder temperatures mean an approaching holiday season and new, winter fashion.

Robert Viray-Edwards, ENN Staff

With the weather changing from bright summer days to cold winter nights, it is time to trade in the short sleeves and shorts for sweaters and jeans. As the temperatures begin to drop and the heat of the summer turns into the cold of winter, people are starting to bundle up in their homes, not only is the weather changing, but so is people’s fashion. Some consider the fashion being the best part of winter. From the faux-fur lined parkas to the comfortable sweatpants, there is a plethora of winter clothing items that can keep someone cozy through the cold breezes of the wintertime while still remaining.

In the midst of colder weather, people, trying to stay warm amidst the cooler winds, have opted for warmer clothing options: jackets, gloves, and scarfs to keep warm. Though fashion is expressed in many different ways and forms, it is sometimes better to be safe than sorry. However, someone can still look fashionable while doing so. For Junior, Jada Brown, she keeps safe from the chilly weather by wearing cozy clothing that is not only safe, but also trendy.

“Since the weather is getting cold, I am not going to wear the tube tops and biker shorts that I usually wear. Instead, I am going to wear more jackets, leggings, sweats, and boots. Not only are they comfy, they are also fashionable. It also keeps me warm and protects me from the cold,” said Brown.

In comparison to summer clothing, the ambiance for winter clothing is quite the opposite. In summer, it is encouraged to wear clothing pieces such as: shorts, tank tops, and sandals. There are also some societal standards and ongoing cliches, including: never wear black in the summertime. However, in the winter, it is the complete opposite. For Junior, Owen O’Connor, the difference between summer and winter clothing is borderline colossal.

“Hot weather clothing is more thin and they show more of your skin because some people don’t like to sweat while wearing long sleeves. Cold weather clothing has clothing technology where it keeps you warm and comfortable. I prefer cold weather because my whole closet mostly has sweaters, joggers, turtlenecks, and sweatpants. Also, my birthday is during winter and I like being comfortable around my house,” said O’Connor.

In the wintertime, the chances of catching illnesses like the cold, the flu, and other common illnesses are more evident and likely. Winter clothing is not only trendy and in style, but it is also safe. Being bundled up in big coats, gloves, and scarfs decreases the chances of having to take medicine and lay in bed in the future. For Junior, Madison Martinez, though she likes to be fashionable during the cold weather, she rather be safe than sorry.

“Even though I like to wear fashionable clothes and dress to impress, I’d rather not be cold. However, warm clothing is not as bad as it seems. Warm clothing helps me feel comfy and warm. I started wearing sweaters, gloves, and beanies to protect myself from the cold because I don’t want to get the flu and also the pandemic is still going on, so I don’t want to increase my chances of potentially getting it,” said Martinez.

Though the weather may be getting cold and the winds start blowing harder, people can still look fashionable while freezing. Winter is coming and it is time to trade in the sunglasses and sandals for ear muffs and snow boots.