A Brand New Chapter


Olivia Wurtz

As the end of the school year draws closer, seniors are looking towards their future, following graduation

Alexa Reyna, ENN Staff

College readiness isn’t just about the academic aspects of a high school student’s resume, overall individual profile, and a well-rounded mindful skill set. Many high school students look at their college readiness in terms of simply getting admitted to the university of their dreams and studying their future careers. The academic part of preparing for college means the ability to complete an individual’s chosen degree program with distinction, intelligence, and confidence.

Many seniors are experiencing “senioritis,” which is the term used when students are ready to get through their last year of high school and move onto college as quickly as possible. Along the way, seniors also end up facing the upcoming challenges of exams, college applications, and applying for scholarships that will benefit them and their future. These seniors are ready to start a new chapter in their lives and that includes interacting with brand new people. Senior, Mia Hernandez, said she is excited to branch out and meet new people at her future school, but will continue to be careful with COVID-19 precautions. Hernandez is also a bit worried about the workload.

“I’m most excited about moving out and meeting new people. I probably won’t be meeting as many people as I normally would with the virus, but I’m still happy to be doing something really out of my comfort zone. I really need a change of scenery. Though, I’m not ready for the workload,” said Hernandez.

Another senior excited about the college transition is Kayla Nguyen. Nguyen has been growing more self-assured everyday. Nguyen has been constantly getting familiar with the university lifestyle by watching YouTube videos of college student vlogs. Nguyen has also been contacting and staying in touch with fellow peers, who also happen to be going to the same university as her.

“How I have been mentally preparing for the idea of going to college soon is by exposing myself to certain college vlogs on YouTube and connecting with the people that are also going to the same university as me. I feel more confident than before because I have a better idea of how different college is than high school,” said Nguyen.

The purpose of the SAT and ACT is to measure a high school student’s readiness for college. The scores on the SAT and ACT allow colleges to narrow down the playing field and make decisions on acceptance. This also makes every individual score extremely important. Senior, Noah Daniels, said his main use of preparation for both acceptance exams was Khan Academy.

“To prepare for the SAT I went to an SAT prep class, as well as studying online using different websites, mainly Khan Academy, which is definitely what helped me the most,” said Daniels.

Moving away from home for the first time could be a bit scary for some students and it could add some nerves sharing a room with someone different, but throwing together a dorm room with fun decorations could cause another exciting part about the new college life and living away from home. Senior, Kylie Wagner, said she’s thrilled to be able to decorate her dorm room and is looking at an overall minimalist theme.

“I want a very minimalist room with band posters hanging on the walls. I want my room to look comfortable. My color scheme will be neutral tones,” said Wagner.

The academic aspect of college preparation means the ability to complete a specific chosen degree for each bright individual. In a few short months, these hardworking and aspiring seniors will be fully prepared academically, ready to take the next step, and excel beyond high school. Not just including their universities, but also in their future workplace, and well into adulthood.