The Walking Dead Reality

As Covid-19 continues its spread across the nation, the CDC prepares citizens for the next pandemic- the Zombie Apocalypse.

Courtesy of the CDC

As Covid-19 continues its spread across the nation, the CDC prepares citizens for the next pandemic- the Zombie Apocalypse.

Robert Viray-Edwards, ENN Staff

From brains being eaten to people being infected, the Zombie Apocalypse could possibly be the next world pandemic, as seen in shows and movies such as The Walking Dead, World War Z, and Daybreak. However, in those shows and movies, zombies are romanticized and portrayed for a reaction in the audience. So, who knows how they will be once they start walking the face of the Earth.

In the last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a guide discussing ‘Zombie Preparedness’ and how to survive such an apocalypse. This guide reached many around the country, especially through social media like Twitter. The guide left audiences confused with the raised eyebrow, pondering on why the CDC would release this guide during the current pandemic. For Junior, Jada Torez, she was left with the stuck face after she came across the guide for the first time.

“I saw the guide whenever I was scrolling on Twitter and I was interested. I knew it was a joke the first time I saw it, but it caught me off guard. Truthfully, I think it was a way for them to ease up the current situation because I feel like nowadays, people are so stressed and dense over COVID, that there is no time to feel relieved. I think they did a good job of relieving the situation because it sparked a lot of funny talk on Twitter and with my friends,” said Torez.

After the guide was released, people started to speculate the outcome if a zombie apocalypse were to happen. Some believe it would be just like ‘The Walking Dead’ and others believe it would be totally different, something more serious along the lines of COVID. However, in this generation, opinions are subjective and everyone has their own. As for Junior, Mikaley Applewhite, she does not see the point of trying to survive within a zombie apocalypse.

“If we are being honest, I do not see the point of trying to fight off against zombies, if that were the case. I feel like I would not have that much will to live because with zombies raiding the world, then what are we going to be able to do? Nothing. Also, if us as a society cannot even get past this current pandemic, I am sure that we cannot get past a whole bunch of zombies roaming the planet,” said Applewhite.

If zombies were to feast the eyes of many and rule the Earth, that would affect many things, specifically, hospitals. In cases like these, there will be hundreds and hundreds of people flooding the hospitals or possibly the hospitals might shut down, and it will be left for the survival of the fittest. For RN at Arlington Memorial, Cheyenne Harrison, medical preparation will be taken to the extreme for a zombie apocalypse.

“I think hospitals would react to a zombie apocalypse invading the world in the same way that hospitals would prepare for a medical disaster. This preparation would include having a plan of action in place and everyone knowing what to do in the situation. However, zombies invading the world would be a bigger disaster than a medical one because zombies attack at faster rates and are deadlier. In contrast, zombies invading are similar to the Covid pandemic in the sense that many people die from the tragedy,” said Harrison.

Through all of the movies and shows that have been based off of zombies, peoples’ wish may come true. Whether it be ten years or ten thousand years, who knows if zombies will be roaming this world in hopes of world domination.