Transitioning from break: stress, struggles, and studying


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Testing season is approaching very quickly

Kaila Akpabio, ENN Staff

Road trips, sleeping in late, no homework, a break from studying, and catching up with loved ones; The epitome of spring break. From March 13 to 18, Mansfield ISD gave students a period to enjoy time free of school. While this break was delightful when it lasted, returning back to school left a sour taste in the mouths of students. Sophomore, Ella Westerholm can vouch for this declaration. 

“To me it was a hard transition to come back to school and trying to get back into the swing of things. Especially since I had a travel tournament to Minnesota.  the airport was a mess and my flight was delayed for six hours. I feel like coming back from spring break is the hardest because it is towards the end of the year and that means that all the teachers are trying to get you ready for the AP test and STAAR test and things like that,” said Westerholm.

Once the break starts nearing its end, students are transported back to reality with stress, work, and busy schedules.

“It’s fine now. Like only the first day is the hardest,” said Westerholm.

Westerholm uses determination to stay motivated in school after the break.

“You just have to think about your future and just keep your eye on that goal,” said Westerholm.

In the second semester of school, students start taking assessments such as the TSI, EOCs, AP exams, and the SAT. These tests require a lot of focus and studying, meaning that students have to take time out to commit to practicing. Westerholm is concentrating on pushing through it until the school year is over and summer begins.

“I mean this is the hardest part of the year. And so I’m just gonna make it,” Sated Westerholm.

Junior, Alex Luna felt overwhelmed during her break from school with standardized testing coming up soon. The break was helpful to her however because she could have some time to rest.

“To be honest, I did not feel good during spring break. There was a lot of stress because major tests were coming up along with the LSAT but that’s already passed. So it was a break from classes,” said Luna.

Luna has big desires for her future and uses that as motivation for school. But more importantly, she finds the strength to continue with the school year within herself.

“Not being held back and not failing are great motivators. Getting into college, I’d really like to be successful later in life. And I’m doing my best to be successful now even though it’s been a struggle for me recently. But I think the only thing that can keep you motivated is just you, no one else can motivate you,” Luna stated.

Sophomore, Luis Reyes had a bit of a difficult time preparing to return to school and getting back into his routine. 

“I was kinda nervous because I had to get back in the groove of waking up early and doing work again,” stated Reyes.

Reyes is excited for the end of the year because he will officially be considered a junior, making him o0ne year closer to finishing high school.

“Getting one year closer to graduating, also getting my driver’s license,” said Reyes.

Now that spring break is through, it is a few months until summer, the period which students are looking forward to the most. Pushing through until then is a challenge, but students are committed to trying their best. In the meantime, preparing for assessments, studying, and simply trying to survive the last grading period is what students will be focused on.