Seniors Forming their Future Through their Majors


Courtesy of Alex Springfield

Some students may already be feeling the pressure to declare a college major while still in high school.

Kaila Akpabio, ENN Staff

College provides students with the chance to receive a specialized, higher education to prepare them for a future career. The different majors that students choose can say a lot about them both personality-wise, and educationally. Senior, Yoshwa Kyei, plans to attend Rice University as a business major. Kyei is mainly anticipating the knowledge she will gain in that area of study.

“I’m just excited to get general business knowledge because I’m not really sure exactly what I want to do right now.  getting a degree in a field such as business I feel allows me a lot of opportunities when it comes to career choices just because business is more of an overall skill-based major instead of like specific tasks you need to know,” said Kyei.

Kyei chose to pursue business because she has assisted her mother in starting her own business, an African soap company. While helping her mom, she has acquired qualities that are needed to be in business. The skills include putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur and being intelligent both financially and socially in order to effectively market her company.

“I chose this major because I do have a little bit of experience in business because I helped my mom build her own business, I just like managing people and being in charge. So I feel like business is the best career for my personality type,” said Kyei.

Another member of this year’s graduating class who has selected his major is Owen O’Connor. He will go to the University of North Texas as a journalism major. He chose this major because of his love for writing and the potential he has in the journalism field. He chose to attend UNT because it was a top college for journalism. According to, it is ranked as a top school in the state for journalism.

“I decided last semester I wanted to be a journalist. I was looking at schools that had my major specifically and UNT was the top option,” said O’Connor.

Journalism is not what O’Connor originally envisioned himself pursuing, however, as he got older and college started approaching, he figured it is what he wanted to do. Despite him changing his mind a bit, he is content with his major.

Senior, Olivia Wurtz, will be a psychology major and Spanish minor at Brigham Young University. She will use her major to learn more about how the human mind works and relate it back to the development of mental health. She wants to pursue her passion at BYU not only because of its strong psychology department but also because it is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, of which she is a member. 

“I chose BYU because it is affiliated with my religion. I am a member of the LDSS church, and I intend to explore and strengthen my faith by attending university. It also has a variety of opportunities that will help me prepare for the future, and it has an outstanding psychology program,” said Wurtz.

Wurtz is not very nervous about the work that is entailed with being a psychology major. She has been fascinated by this subject for a while.

“I am more excited than nervous. I’ve always been interested in this field of study, so I’ve been looking forward to it for as long as I can remember,” stated Wurtz.

Wurtz’s dream is to work with children to help heal and study disorders that affect their mental health. Being a pediatric clinical psychologist entails performing assessments, providing therapy, and meeting the patients in a therapeutic setting.

“My plan is to work as a Pediatric Clinical Therapist at a children’s hospital. I want to work in a psychiatric unit and specialize in eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and trauma,” said Wurtz.

With an array of available majors, it can be hard for students going off to college to choose what they want to do. Some remain undecided for some time, while others weigh the benefits of their top choices. This can be the most exciting and stressful part of the college application process. However, once a student is sure about what they want to do, the stress starts to go away.